Third World Style

If, like me, you love browsing those street-style websites (for inspiration, entertainment and masturbation) where bloggers take photos of unknown, random people from the street for everyone on the net to look at from time to time, well, let me tell you this — the people at my favourite Stockholm Street Style, Facehunter and the sexy Sartorialist, got nothing on my skanky third world obese ass.

Click click click!

Here’s the deal. While waiting for my driver to pick me up at the mall yesterday afternoon, I decided to take pictures of random people from the exact same spot on the above photo. I was dead bored and I have my camera with me. To keep my mind off the ridiculous 40 degree celsius heat and to keep my sanity intact, I might as well keep myself busy, yes?

So…. here goes.

Photos courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

God damn that bitch with the head scarf and aviators is hot! I want her legs.

Just kidding.

Younger bro is that chu? Nope. Proof that obesity is rampant amongst today’s youth. I don’t know what they’re feeding them kids today.

Right after I took that photo, this HUGE ASS family of Spanish expats (I knew they were Spanish because I heard them talk) went right in front of me, blocking my precious view. Two of the bastard kids, this young guy with curly light brown hair (who must have been around 12 years old) and his younger sister literally went up to me, smiled and asked who I was taking photos of. I told him I wasn’t taking photos of anyone and I was just looking at my camera.

The little faggot troll then said something like "no you’re not, you were taking photos of that fat guy" REALLY LOUD and blatantly pointed to guy in the pink polo shirt!

With the kids’ mother just about 2 feet away from us, I didn’t know whether I should smack the little troll in the face or risk getting arrested for pedophilia and kidnap him because I found the mini-me so I kept my cool and just smiled.

It was sooo embarassing!

Where’s Alec Baldwin when you need him? Rude, thoughtless little peeeg much?

I know it was EXTREMELY nasty and rude but I couldn’t help but smile. Put yourself in my shoes — what would you DO?

Keep your answers to yourrself. I don’t want to know!!! HAHAHA!

I’m sure of one thing though  — I don’t have to worry about breeding a chick one day in order to reproduce and keep the faggotry alive. My work in this world is complete and the future generation is safe in the hands of mini-me!

Luckily my driver picked me up a few seconds after that.

God I love the third world. There really is no such place like home.