Sticker Shock: Dolce & Gabbana Metal Corset Belt

Written By bryanboy

Sticker Shock: Dolce & Gabbana Metal Corset Belt

I don’t know about you but for six thousand one hunded ninety five donald duck dollars ($6,195), I’d rather buy roundtrip airline tickets to Bumfuck, Texas or Dinky Donk, California, go straight to a car mechanic shop owned by brown-assed hispanic illegals and get a good ol’ Mexican mayate (is that what they call them these days? Mauricio are you reading this?) to make me a corset belt made out of car scrap material.

Dolce & Gabbana Metal Corset Belt

I onced shared an elevator ride with the powerful Italian duo, Dolce & Gabbana, many, many, many years ago at a hotel in London. I wore head to toe Fendi that day and I also had that infamous Dolce & Gabbana swarovski crystal belt (which, btw, I left in a plane a few trips later because I was high as a kite) on. The tall one smiled at me when they entered the lift, I smiled back and that was the end of it. 10 seconds later, they went straight to the Met Bar downstairs and I, on the other hand, went outside to meet a fuck buddy. I can’t believe my hormones got in the way of fashion networking. I learned my lesson since then — fashion first before mangina. Think about it… had I pressed the elevator stop button 6 years ago, got down on my knees and screamed "BOYS, I WANNA GET SPITROASTED" instead of keeping my silence and pretending I wasn’t starstrucked, that metal corset belt would’ve been mine now.

Dolce & Gabbana Metal Corset Belt
US$6,195 at Neiman Marcus

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  1. That corset is the shit!! I love corsets and I love shiny things, therefore this corset is perfection…

  2. auwie in chicago

    Darling, I didn’t know you were into BDSM?! It screams dominatrix all over. Nasaan ung matching whip nya? Hahaha! The cat suit that Halle Berry wore in Catwoman would look stunning on you, too!

  3. fuck it, you’re fabulous on your own! and this “hobby” of yours, is going really well. can’t wait to see what you’ll chef up next. bryan boy rtw fw08!

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