SOS! Third World Customs

Written By bryanboy

SOS! Third World Customs

Does anyone here know a customs broker or someone at the Bureau of Customs in the third world? I have a package coming in from the US and the whores at Saks screwed up with the customs declaration form and forgot to add a dot before two zeroes, so what looks like $XXXX.XX now looks like $XXXXXX, which is totally ridiculous! The fuckers at customs want to charge me a mortgage and a leg in duties and taxes and I bet you my fat arse they’re gonna pocket them. I really hate the third world! I don’t understand why they base their taxes on the "declared value" instead of the item and worse, they have NO common sense at all! Where have you seen clothes in the 6 figures sent via mail? That’s just absurd. The people at the post office told me the only thing they could do is send the package back to the sender and have them correct the form with the TRUE declared value. The post office sending it back? Like HELL THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN. The last time I got a package from Amazon ($200 in books/cds) I ended up paying over $150 in taxes! I’m fed up. SO. FED. UP.

If you have a contact, please call/text/share +63.915.785.1492. My package is stuck in Makati Central Post Office, fyi.



  1. Byzathine

    How ridiculious, have you talked with the manager or boss of the place, if not go, when i dont get what i want i start making a show so everybodys sees and hears me. Try to make them contact the sender with you.

  2. rachel

    When that happened to me the Customs officer adjusted the tax after I showed him a print-out of my Pay Pal transaction showing the item’s real price.
    Mas madali kung sa Central depot siya sa Pasay- P 500 lang “overtime” :) But you can’t take it home right away, what the customs officer will do is stamp “Customs Passed” on the box and ship it to your local post office for pick-up. But since your package is already at the local PO, the only thing I know you could do is to beg and plea and offer P 1,500 or P 2,000 tell them that’s all you have. Kakagat yung mga iyon. Just don’t go logo-a-loco when you pick up your shit from the PO.

  3. If you have an Uncle, brother, sister, or whatever connected to some bigshot politician…now’s the time to use it. Name dropping works most of the time. Other than that…I guess contact Saks and have them fax you the original receipt. But I say bribe the customs person…

  4. Just refuse it and it will be returned to sender. Explain your situation to saks and they will ship again with the correct dollar value.

  5. jholou

    1st y on earth that they send it through post…dats a no no…nxt tym have it sent trough a courier like dhl or fed ex…
    ok since its there already…have saks give you or provide you the correct price to be declared…nxt try to talk nicely to the post officers…when i said nicely bryan bring some thing like cakes…and just smile,,,lower those brows,,,n dont say nasty things,,,just be nice…
    great luck

  6. Don’t you fucking know Imelda, NOW’S THE TIME TO CALL dammit.

  7. how do you survive dear? sorry i cant pull any strings or be useful at all. just move over to the states!!! you know you want to.

  8. I KNOW!! this happens in bloody indon-fellow-3rd-world-chibai-country too. the last time i purchased some silly diet pills over the internet they charged me a pillar of tax just ‘cos i was being frugal and wanted the whole buy-3-bottles-get-1-free business. this time i stuck to 1 bottle (which really is a waste of money cos the bloody product costs less than the shipping itself) and STILL they decide to charge me the same pillar of tax. i exclaimed that how can the tax be the same when the amount is lower than US$70?? their excuse was that they feel that the price of my goods stated wasn’t equivalent to the actual value of goods. it’s not even an ebay purchase. i’m like WTF?!! urgh!!

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