ALERT! ALERT! Shill-bidding at the Prada Auction?

Shill Bidding is bidding that artificially increases an item’s price or apparent desirability, or bidding by individuals with a level of access to the seller’s item information not available to the general Community.
– Ebay

Are Prada staffers/employees and/or affiliates allowed to bid on the super fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Prada Prototype Auction?

I placed a bid for 500 Euros earlier this morning for that lovely size small dress. A few hours later, lo and behold a guy named "Tomaso Galli" aka BIX outbidded me so I went ahead and raised my bid to 750 Euros. Fast forward an hour or so later, my I was outbidded once more for the Prada shoes (don’t ask; if the final price falls within my budget, I’ll put them inside a glass box and show them to the future generation. My feet are ginormous anyway, I’m a size 40. I’m 5’9, a shortie but hey whatevs) by you guessed it, a person named "Tomaso Galli".

Tomaso Galli

Click click click to read more about the Prada Prototype Auction festivities!

A quick search online and guess what — Tomaso Galli is Miuccia Prada’s Communications Director/Director of External Relations!

Listen gurlfriend, you already work for one of the fabulous companies in the world. You have a fantastic job in fashion, you are on top of all things Prada. Heck, you probably even had countless breakfasts, lunches, dinners, free wine and free clothes from Mrs. Miuccia herself. I bet EVERYTHING you own is Prada. I don’t know what your intention is when it comes to the Prada prototype auction. Are you artificially inflating the prices or do you want to keep these items for yourself as Channukah (do they have channukah or whatever christmas hannukah hannakah whatevs in italy??) giveaways to your fashionable Milano friends (with an employee discount in tow)???

Maybe all the "you’ve been outbid" emails are just signed by "Tomaso Galli"? Who knows?

071007_bryanboyThere are people, like me, who are pathetic fashion victims with not-so-glamorous lives and not-so-fabulous jobs and this is our only opportunity, that little tiny ray of hope/light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, our only chance of owning something truly exclusive yet you’re bumping our bids shamelessly. You have access to everything Prada. What more can you ask for?

Please leave the auctions to mere mortals such as myself. You know, mortals who don’t work in fashion. Mortals who don’t get freebies. Mortals who don’t get to see/feel/touch/smell samples. Mortals who don’t get invited to fabulous fashion shows in Milan. Mortals who never interacted with Miuccia herself.

Can you tell I’m sorta kinda pissed? LOL

Thank you.

If you are reading this, please tell Mrs. Prada I love her.

I’ll be watching you.

Watching me. Watching you. And every time I think of you, could this, could this be love?

J’ai la main Prada-ienne!

Tomaso Galli

PS. Because I’m pretty and I know you love me, will you send me a free Prada phone? Thank you.