Raf Simons Multicolore Sandals

Written By bryanboy

Raf Simons Multicolore Sandals

Guess who came out with the MEN’S version of the Four thousand one hundred seventy five American dollar Balenciaga ice hockey high heel sandals I desperately wanted but can’t afford? Raf Simons for Spring/Summer 2008!!!!  It’s not the same but the kitsch element is there. Let’s face it, we all know I could pull of the high-heeled Balenciaga versus the flats but for $4,175? I’ll pass.

raf simons, balenciaga footwear

Does anyone have the phone number for the Raf Simons press office? I wanna know the price point and when/where it’s gonna be available. I want to be the first faggot out there to snatch a pair of these because clearly the people at Ghesquiere and Co. are only catering to the Olsens. Raf should give me some lovin’ lovin’!


PS. EEEEEEW Look at me obsess over men’s shit. This is just a one-off, I’m telling you. Desperate times, desperate measures.


  1. Yeah, they’re very alike. Sporty but chic. I also love those white ones from the Dior-ish Dolce and Gabbana fashion show.

  2. Yupppp i want that shoes since its landing in the holly fashion week. its very Japaneses Manga inspire.. ninja shoes meet 21st Century, pls tell us when you get the price tag! so i can drift my welfare and find jackass sugar daddy who can afford it

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