Prada Prototypes Auction Update #417

Written By bryanboy

Prada Prototypes Auction Update #417

Did god Miuccia answer my prayers? I checked the website today and two adorable pieces came out of nowhere — a size 40 yellow, open-toe Mary Janes (don’t ask; I know it looks good with thick, pitch-black wolfords) and a navy Radzmire dress in size medium. The people at Prada in Milan are busy clicking away around my site; so busy they visited my little humble abode at least 40 times in the past 24 hours. Ahhhh, the beauty of Sitemeter. I’ll be watching you, watching me, watching you. *kidding*

Prada dress, Prada shoes

Perhaps it has something to do with that little Prada Prototypes Auction troll who got busted for raising everyone’s bids? Heck, "BIX" could be someone who isn’t related to Prada, nobody knows for sure, however, it looks like gurlfriend did a turnaround and ceased and desisted after my blog entry.

I’m anxious curious how this auction will end. Will there be menswear pieces? Men’s shoes, bags and other lovely baubles? I’m on a very tight budget (dirt poor galore) and there’s not much I can do if an item reached my ceiling point.

Will someone please find me a sugar daddy? Tomaso Galli, do you like pretty young boys like myself? Drop me a note and say hi. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite. =)

PS. I need to get my mind off this Prada Auction. It’s killing me! I’m gonna look at cute guys now, kthxbye.


  1. You Get them BRyan! You know they love you!
    P.s. Lovely pieces by the way

  2. Mr FunkyBool

    dont waste everything for that cmon bryan ur smarter than this

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