Funky Friday

Written By bryanboy

Funky Friday

I’ve been soo exhausted and haggard as of late it’s not funny anymore. I’ve put some of my hobbies on hold because I have so much crap on my plate! I just wish everything would go away but no, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Free time is truly the most precious commodity on earth so when I had the opportunity to go out yesterday, bam, wham bam, I met up with Mich for some good ol’ quality faggotry.

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Click click click!

Loads of people tell me they really like my pompadour and it suits me but to be honest with you I’m starting to get bored of it. I really don’t want to cut my hair though. I know it’s WAYYY too long but once I cut it, I won’t be able to play with hairstyles etc.

I almost burst into tears because the person didn’t get my hair right the first time he did it. It was wrong all over the place and my face is practically covered with hairspray!

This is what I hate about the third world — consistency is rare. How many times did I get a pompadour now? 3 or 4 times yet it’s always different from each other. 

I know I shouldn’t complain especially since I’m only paying them about $14 + $3 in tips. Where in the world could you get your hair done for pennies?? Shit, I could get a pompadour every single day and it won’t break the piggy bank, no wonder home girl Imelda Marcos is always well-coiffed! 

Blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda.


Cigarettes at Cartier. Don’t you just love the marbelized background? It reeks of money, money, money, honey, don’t you think? I shouldve made myself a little sign that says "Adopt Me" to attract wealthy matrons but screw that.


Mi mi Mich Dulce…

Me me me Bryanboy…

Why is it that my head is farrrr too big I look like a lollipop? Owells…

Well hello there, Jim Jong IL jr!

Mich and I went to Italianni’s for a quick bite that lasted an hour and a half because it took the staff 40 long years just to get the bill.

Mich had fish and pasta…

and I had a clam chowder and a slice of pizza.

Who am I kidding? I ate four slices!!!!!!

I’m not gonna incriminate myself by posting photos of me eating. I made the conscious decision that from now on, I’m gonna be just like Victoria Beckham, minus the husband, the kids, the mansion, the jewels, the clothes and the bajilions.

When you think about it, it really is ridiculous to see photos of yourself eating, smiling, laughing or showing traces of emotion.

Robots for the mother fucking win!

More of the Bryanboy for Myspace shots. I can’t even remember the last time I did slutty shots so here’s one for shits and giggles.

Well hello there! I hate my ass, it’s too big!

Werrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkk it like you own it, enough vanity….

Victoria’s Secret here I come! HHAHAHAHAAHHAHA!

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Keep in touch my dear lovers! Y’all know how to get hold of me.

I love you all!


  1. auwie in chicago

    Oh my Gaawd! How many cans of hairspray does it take to sculpt that pompadour?!!! Now I know the cause of that ginormous hole in the ozone layer! Hahahaha! Just kidding!
    If that were the case, I would gladly walk around in a spacesuit just to see you strut your stuff!
    Love yah, BryanBoy!

  2. nobody

    You shouldn’t be worrying about your butt.
    What’s up with you sporting a michael jackson nose?!
    Freaking scary!!
    Sue that surgeon!

  3. j.kurt li

    bryan boy, i really love ya but the lollipop look is not doing you any justice. eat a couple more slices of pizza.

  4. deeyou

    Hold up bryan, you HAVE to tell us once and for all whether you had a nose job! I was just looking through these again and i’m sorry but i don’t buy that creative shading and highlighting can make your nose look so cute!

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