Bryanboy’s Baby Beehive Bird of Prey Flying High

Well hello there! Kim Jong-IL Jr. is having a party and you’re invited!!!!! Is that blow right in front of me?

bryanboy, pompadour, salon

Let’s play pictionary, shall we? Click click click!

Dontchayall love my new hair? God damn why haven’t I thought of doing this in the past? I need a good smack on the ass for only finding the balls to do it now. When you think about it, I can’t really blame myself because I’ve always had short hair and now that it’s long… well, I say bring it on! I don’t want to be that "his ass is full of secrets" person. I want to be the "her hair is full of secrets" kind of gal! Yep! You see, I caught the crabs when I was 16 and the fabulous itchy experience didn’t last very long. At that time, even a corn-fed 5 year old kid from Wisconsin have more body hair that me. With my newfound coiff, I now have a fabulous breeding ground for those pesky little white beach sand crawling creatures that a fembot such as myself can get for sleeping with a beer-chugging, dirty white college boys on spring break.

The higher the hair, the closer to god!

Kim Jong-IL is that chu?

bryanboy pompadour

You better werrrrk, werrrk it gurl! Do your thing, on the runway. Werrrrrk!

bryanboy pompadour

If the legendary Ms. Diane Pernet had a not-so-secret love child with Monsieur Kim Jong-IL and take that child to Hollywood, this would be the offspring:

bryanboy as diane pernet?

What, what, what? My face looks like a blank canvas on this photo. Ugh.

The is the atrocity you have to deal with if you take away the coiffure. People often ask me why I’m still single after all these years. Well, try having a mug like that. Face off, John Travolta anyone?

Creepy thin man from Charlie’s Angels….

… with a fat chipmunk face.

EEEEWW Look at my puckers. They look like either:

b) Annabelle Chong’s coochie
c) Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend’s ass

Cadaver chic

Let’s take my pompadour beehive out for a spin!

Flamingo furor! Bird of prey. Bird of prey. Flying high… flying high… in the summer sky

bryanboy, flamingo

bryanboy, mall

bryanboy, mall

Chitty chitty bang bang! That’s all for now.

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I love you all!!!!!

But I love my hair.