OMG Perez Hilton loves YEMA!!!!

Written By bryanboy

OMG Perez Hilton loves YEMA!!!!

OMG I died. Here’s a little vid for those of you out there in the third world. My buddy Perez loves solidified condensed milk (SHIT I LOVE IT TOO!!!)…. punyeta, in my country, we call it YEMA!!! HAHAHAHA!

MMMMMMM. I haven’t had yema in AGES!!!! I would totally have yema right now but I can’t risk my figure. Eeek!


  1. You do know that the word “Yema” stands for cum, as in male ejaculation in spanish??? I’d be careful with that bryan! I heart u!

  2. Sounds yummy but willpower will overcome obesity…. Check out this new NBC show now in casting – they are craving YOUR videotape entry on ‘What would you do with a million dollars” and i’m absolutely sure that you can WIN this one bigtime:
    and don’t forget my 10% ! I work cheap but don’t take it in trade, well, maybe some in your case…. lol

  3. jmzr22

    Yes. Cooked condensed milk is certainly a nectar of the Gods. Us Chilenos refer to is as Manjar. Word of warning though – those suckers explode if not boiled correctly… 3rd-degree burns anyone?

  4. OMG! He’s with Ross! I love him since I first watched his antics back in Tonight Show.
    By the way, I like my yema WITH PEANUTS!

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