OMG It's a miracle!

Written By bryanboy

OMG It’s a miracle!

WOAH! WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! It’s Sally Singer indeed and her hair looks nice for a change. None of that windswept chic she’s been rocking for the past few seasons. I just checked thanks to one of my blog comment people and yes it’s her! Anna looks barely legal in that photo as for Grace, well, she’s eternal beauty, just like Sonia Rykiel.

sally singer, anna wintour, grace coddington

Anna should’ve worn her Chanel glasses and held that flower (on the floor) for effect. No?



  1. Team Vogue 4ever!
    haha, my first thought was: Anna looks YOUNG! Barely legal hit it right on the nail.

  2. lisalisa

    u know who anna reminds me of (curiously enuff) is Genevieve Jones(check out, june 29th…) with those chipmunk cheeks of hers!! 2 questions, does mia give u puffy cheeks and is anna too old to have mia?

  3. bading

    OMFG bb, here i m, just back from a sabbatical at esalen in big sur… no cell, no laptop, completely off the grid… just the sky, the cliffs, the wildflowers and that otherworldly quiet and what do i do as soon as i get back 2 civilization? check out ur blog that’s what!!! BEEYAATCH!! HAAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. weevil

    ….and the coat finally ended up on the floor under Miss Anna’s seat? Hmmmmm…. did Sally go “take care of your own damn coat bitch!” or just passively-aggressively slipped it on there when the waif wasn’t looking – haahaaaa!

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