OH SNAP! Marc Jacobs versus John Galliano!

It’s war within the NEW ESTABLISHMENT! Someone’s a bit jealous because 2007 is John Galliano’s best year in fashion.

John Galliano, Marc Jacobs

"MARC Jacobs is so jealous of couture king John Galliano, he loudly trash-mouths his rival during workouts at the David Barton Gym on West 23rd Street. Our spy snips, "Marc and his trainer always talk very loudly – it’s annoying. All he does is complain about Galliano – even after [Galliano's best friend and right-hand man] Stephen Robinson died in April. It was disgusting. He’s so jealous of John." We didn’t call Jacobs for comment because the last time we did, his rep leaked the story to WWD."
via Page Six

Repeat after me: jealousy, jealousy, jealousy… is such an evil thing….

What is it with jealous people and their trash-talking antics? To be honest with you, I simply shut my trap whenever I’m jealous of somebody because I don’t want to be TOO obvious that I’m seething with envy but then again, why should I be jealous of Snejana Onopka others when I’m queen of the world? I love Marc Jacobs, his hot bareback sex fetish with poz twinks and all his anal warts galore but I have to say I belong to Team Galliano! Once a Galliano girl, ALWAYS a Galliano girl. I didn’t stockpile all those ridiculous J’Adore Dior sleeveless tops over the years for nothing. I swear to god, I prolly have them in every rendition, every color combination and every size – look at how thinspo I was on the first year it came out… (left) and when I was morbidly obese (right). OK, fine, I’ll throw in a top from one of the first Marc by Marc Jacobs collections. Although I don’t do logomania anymore, those darn J’adore Dior tops were a HUGE part of my childhood, bulging tummy, sweaty betty sessions and all.

j'adore dior

Oooh the memories. Can you say fashion victim? I loove it!