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Is it video day or what? Lanvin-wearing and Balenciaga-totting ladies of the world, I have absolutely NO words to describe what I found on the internet just a few minutes ago. NO words at all. Some of my sponsors might send me through hell fire so I’m not gonna embed the video (or post any graphic photos) on my site. It’s bad enough that I gave some of you emotional scars with my butt pics let alone show this vid to you.


Now. Do any of you know what it’s like to have sex inside a public bus and have ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE, man, woman and child, cheer you on while the guy cums all over your chest? I don’t. Although there was this one time when I gave a random stranger a blowjob on the upper deck of a nightbus back in my London hey day and we were the only ones there. Watch this hilarious porn clip to find out what it’s like. I’m warning you though — you have to be 18 to view this video and this is totally NOT safe for work. Oh and the guy isn’t that well-hung… I’ve been with loads of guys with bigger dicks but who the hell cares. I think the video was shot in Europe or something, judging from the bus and the scenery. I love it. I fucking love it. God damn I love straight porn for pure entertainment value. The first few seconds… and the last few seconds of the video is priceless. PRICELESS!

Click click click to watch the video!!!!!

I SWEAR TO GOD Y’ALL HAVE TO WATCH IT. Tell me what *YOU* think. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts AND COMMENTS. My god, isn’t it priceless? I really died right then and there. The ending was sooo unexpected.


  1. deeyou

    Applause! hahahahaha if only all bus rides were that eventful.
    That last frame of her smooshing her tits together made me LOL – straight sex is hilarious!

  2. abaoduck

    and that was a really long applause as well… another job well done.
    How many people missed their stop that day?

  3. Dimitri

    That is fucking hilarious!! And I recognized that bus right away because I was there a couple of months ago–it’s Amsterdam (of course)! I couldn’t believe it was in broad daylight with cars driving by! Even if the porn company rented out a bus, that’s pretty ballsy!!

  4. booberella

    Come on, that whole setup is about as real as Pammy Anderson’s rack.

  5. No wonder her tits are so droopy and mushed up.
    Gross man. It is no real bus you realise that eyy? Otherwise they would have been kicked out of the bus window. fartheads.

  6. Thats not amsterdam you fucking probably american ignorant cunt.
    Either way, i fucking love this bryanboy <3

  7. judging from the bus it looks like czech republic
    the man looks like a horny filthy italian though

  8. HAHA that was really funny.
    But sad to say :(
    I think it was set up…
    Being an avid porn watcher myself I think I recognize the girl (HA)

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