Obsession du Jour: Sooomyantha from Nueva York!

If there is one person in this world who I would like for YOU to catch crabs the gay from, that would be my favourite NYC gay of the moment, Sooomyantha! She’s one of the ladies behind the website I RELIGIOUSLY read daily for the longest time ever, Gayz of Our Lives!

In the spirit of GOOL…. Bryanboy is that chu???????????


Click click click!

Some of you might remember Sooomy and her hot hot lesbian lover incest is the best friend from last year…

gayzofourlives loves bryanboy

Oooh la love!


Sisterhood of the travelling enema…


Sooomy is a celebrity stylist during the day and a manhattan firefighter at night.


Yep. Firefighter.

So tell me, why are celebrity stylists in other countries hot when stylists in my homeland look…. well, not that hot?

My previous obsession, that Jonathan Pease guy, have nothing on Sooomy’s cute looks…

muscle mary



incredible sex appeal…


snarky wit…



and charm.

I love Sooomy and Gayzofourlives.com!

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I love you all!