Obsession Du Jour: Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 3

Written By bryanboy

Obsession Du Jour: Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 3

Here’s the latest addition to the Fash Vids video family. God damn I’m turning into a Next Top Model junkie! Britain’s Next Top Model looks promising, my favourite Hilary Alexander is there! Check it out, I’ve got Episode 1 and will be adding more episodes as they come.

hilary alexander

I swear to mother fucking god, Hilary Alexander asking sex-related questions (see video #2) is the LAST THING, I SWEAR, LAST THING I EXPECTED FROM THAT WOMAN. SHE’S HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE HER!!!!! I REALLY DO!!!!!! I’ve said it before many, many, many times and I’ll say it once again — she’s the eccentric aunt I never had!!!

Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, Episode 1


  1. hayley

    Loves it !! “no one takes their jackets off in fashion shows anymore”… these ladies are hardly as bitchy as the american or canadian girls…. they seem almost nice and modest
    thx bb

  2. I say, BNTM’s theme song is so heavenly, not like the trying hard with mouth harps and gongs in our third world version.
    And you know what’s ironic? I’m blogging about Philippines’ Next Top Model “with a sour face”. (That term sounds better in Tagalog no? May asim sa mukha?)

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