Obsession Du Jour: Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 3

Here’s the latest addition to the Fash Vids video family. God damn I’m turning into a Next Top Model junkie! Britain’s Next Top Model looks promising, my favourite Hilary Alexander is there! Check it out, I’ve got Episode 1 and will be adding more episodes as they come.

hilary alexander

I swear to mother fucking god, Hilary Alexander asking sex-related questions (see video #2) is the LAST THING, I SWEAR, LAST THING I EXPECTED FROM THAT WOMAN. SHE’S HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE HER!!!!! I REALLY DO!!!!!! I’ve said it before many, many, many times and I’ll say it once again — she’s the eccentric aunt I never had!!!

Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 3, Episode 1