Obsession du Jour: Bea Valdes

I’m sure you’ve heard of Filipino designer Bea Valdes and her fabulously intricate beaded bags and accessories. She’s my new obsession du jour; she’s soo chic… and the hayyyyre, I luuuuuhhv the hayyyre! (Sorry JD for stealing your line haha)

I can’t take this photo out of my head. For realz. I think I’m gonna get hair like that. Yes? No? I love her… she’s sooo gorgeous and she doesn’t appear to be one of those bitchy fashion people who look like they’re gonna eat little children you alive.

Bea Valdes
Photo credit: Chuvaness

Bea’s beautiful wares… oooh the flossy flossy…

Bea Valdes
Photo credit: Bea Valdes

Visit http://www.beavaldes.com to learn more about Bea.