Meet Pedro Andrade

Written By bryanboy

Meet Pedro Andrade

Oh my god. OH MY GOD! EEEEEW! Have you seen Lance Bass’ latest boyfriend? After he ditched that male slut Reichen, he went straight to another model’s cockerel and his name is Pedro Andrade.

pedro andrade

lance bass, pedro andrade
via Dlisted

I wanna throw up. What is the world coming into? Some Z-list has-been popstar and a slut model looking for fame. Blah. I hope they catch aids and die a painful, slow death.

Heck, I hope they die in a crossfire.


  1. Urgggh… I hate them senseless!!! I never want to be mean spirited commentarian but i guess STD wasn’t enough for Candy Spelling and Her doll long lost son and the unknown Brazilian wax model… And to the mitsubishi latest spokesman too..yuksss!!

  2. calvin

    bryan you know i love you but dont u think this is a classic example of envy? dont hate on someone just cos thye have a beautiful bf. as for being sluts, its their life, u have ur own, you’re not their mom.

  3. monica

    where’s the hate coming from? they seem to be all famewhores and seems like you are too. at least the model looks hot! while you… hmmmmm
    so cheers and enjoy!
    have a nice day!

  4. Dreamerboy

    What are you talking about? This boy is HAWT! And Aidi’s comment makes no freakin’ sense. Lay off the drugs, dude. I will say, however, that Lance Bass is fug and doesn’t deserve this string of hotties.

  5. Prim@ Donn@ & Co

    What were you doing at the Peninsula Hotel last saturday? I saw you with 2 caucasian girls. I couldn’t believe it was you until your phone rang. Paris Hilton, no less. Could you be any more predictable?
    My colleagues and I were watching you the entire time. You are a very fascinating character. You excused yourself and answered the call about 3 feet away from our table. I knew it was you because of the way you walked. There’s gay and there’s super GAY!
    Sayang your red Chanel bag. You should always match your bag with your shoes. What were you thinking with those hideous black sneakers?
    Please put on some weight. Heroin chic is not fashionable anymore and you look very unhealthy. Your face is so pale you look virtually dead.

  6. I think your AIDS comment was very hypocritical and if you ever “caught” AIDS I don’t think you would make any smart ass comment like that ever again. You should grow up and stop the hate comments. It only shows how little and self-centered you are.

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