"Marry a USA Man!"

Is it fugly people day or what? I’m currently bloghopping and this disgustin google adsense advert is all over the fucking place. It’s driving me insane! Boy do they have a shitload of ad budget to spend or what? Whoever designed this ad should be shot with a handful of .45 calibre bullets right in the skull.

Who in their right mind would fucking want to marry a bastard troll who looks exactly LIKE THAT? There is something absolutely perverted in that photo. Maybe I’ve seen far too many "i wish i was donald trump tele-evangelists" in the past. Filth. Pure filth.

I don’t know about you but "desperate times desperate measures" is not even a valid excuse to compromise whatever you believe in.

Good luck catching aids. I hope your babies look like monkeys.

[Edit - 1:00PM: I just realized that I was harsh on this entry, afterall, without fugly dirty old white men crossbreeding with gullible third world mail order brides with dark brown coochies, there won't be mixed-raced GI babies in third world entertainment/fashion/showbiz industries!]