Look #001: Blogger-cum-designer?

Written By bryanboy

Look #001: Blogger-cum-designer?

Why restrict yourself to necklaces when you can make both accessories AND clothes?


Jacket, tank top, feather bib, shorts, leggings and gloves from Bryanboy, sunglasses and handbag from Chanel, shoes from Dior Homme.

PS. You know, I would’ve worn a pair of pumps but my outfit is already wayyyy too in your face, the last thing I want, really, is attention from people.

Bitch. Please.


  1. I knew it! You’re into sewing these days!
    Your first project is a good start. Malay natin, sa mga susunod na linggo YDG na ang drama mo.

  2. olander badaso 4rm ph

    That looks not right, bryan. Sorry but it looks cheap

  3. PSYCHOBITCH with a splash of sunshine

    OMFG!! some of the people here in the comments are so fake..
    i would NEVER EVER want to place an order for that ridiculous necklace / collar / intramuros prop.
    AND it is NOT stunning…
    AND yeah olander basado is right about the outfit looking cheap..
    last, YOU ARE ALREADY GETTNG PEOPLE’S ATTENTION WITH THAT NUMBER!!! stop being such a dumb ass.. im just glad nobody shot you for being such an idiot..

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