It’s a Miracle… Part 2!

Who is this guy and does have a MySpace? Screw miracles… this is what modern science can do for you. He went from 630 pounds to a mindblowing 220; I still think he’s rather festively plump but come to think of it, he lost around 400 pounds. I WOULD DO ANYTHING to LOSE 400 pounds.

FYI… the following pictures (after the jump) are rather explicit so do not click the link if you don’t want to see blood, scars, fat people, flaps, excess flesh, skin tags, man boobs, etc.


Looks like he still hasn’t learned his lesson eh?

What is it with men and bulking up/muscles etc?


I can’t wait for this guy to have a relapse and turn into a fat bitch again. He was doing so well being thin back when he had all those skin flaps but no, this guy wanted to gained weight again. I think he should’ve just focused on being bone-thin instead.

Ignore me. I’m a miserable, bitter queen who wants to go from 115 pounds to 60.

Fuck that.

I wanna lose 400 pounds.