It's a Miracle Part 2!

Written By bryanboy

It’s a Miracle… Part 2!

Who is this guy and does have a MySpace? Screw miracles… this is what modern science can do for you. He went from 630 pounds to a mindblowing 220; I still think he’s rather festively plump but come to think of it, he lost around 400 pounds. I WOULD DO ANYTHING to LOSE 400 pounds.

FYI… the following pictures (after the jump) are rather explicit so do not click the link if you don’t want to see blood, scars, fat people, flaps, excess flesh, skin tags, man boobs, etc.


Looks like he still hasn’t learned his lesson eh?

What is it with men and bulking up/muscles etc?


I can’t wait for this guy to have a relapse and turn into a fat bitch again. He was doing so well being thin back when he had all those skin flaps but no, this guy wanted to gained weight again. I think he should’ve just focused on being bone-thin instead.

Ignore me. I’m a miserable, bitter queen who wants to go from 115 pounds to 60.

Fuck that.

I wanna lose 400 pounds.


  1. Carlos

    Gorgeous, you would honestly dissapear if you lost 400 punds. You are hot and sexy just the way you are. By the way did you like the songs on the SMS I sent you? Well take care and be closer to perfection. Just like me. One day at a time. Baboosh!

  2. auwie in chicago

    it’s creepy lookin at those pics, but i’m glad there are optionsfor people who want a solution to their weight issues.
    Honey, you look stunning. Where’s the fat you want to lose, coz I can’t see any?!
    Yoga will keep you slim and trim.
    love yah!

  3. uhhhm…that’s what hapens when u don’t lose weight gradually. bb u made me throw up. those pictures are nasty. he should make a bag out of all that skin. hell he can make luggage.

  4. Aaaaargh. Mind you, that happened to me on a smaller scale when I went from wobblebottom (90kg) to quite thin (~60kg) six or so years ago; in my case, the excess skin simply vanished after a while, though.

  5. sandie

    That’s why… never get fat in the first place and avoid all this mess. Good thing that guy was able to fix himself, but he will have the hideous scars probably 4ever.

  6. lolzzz bb u dont hace 400 pounds to lose…ure nuts!!! ure gonna reduce to dust if u lose 400 pounds… seriously i think you look perfectjus like tat…

  7. chiclah

    dear, i’ve read all ur posts, u seem anorexic, but then, ur such a fab bi-atch i look up to u and worship ur entries…bravo. oh by the way, this is my first comment on you…haha!

  8. bitchy_me

    you actually look fine the way you are bryanboy.. ohhh please.. ur already thin.. u look like ur anorexic.. and if you lose some more weight, ud look like a kid from payatas.. it’s a good thing ur wearing fab expensive stuff.. have confidence.. ur fine the way you are.. trust me.. nways, i read ur blog everyday.. even when i’m in the office..

  9. It went to Ewwww to Wow in like 10 seconds! Maybe he wanted to bulk up because it was his dream when he was a fatty blob eating ice cream and donuts. You’re right Bryanboy, there is hope!!!!! Let’s lose 400 lbs together!!! (I’m 115 lbs too and I want to lose 400!)

  10. The pictures are certainly not for the faint hearted. Or the extremely squeamish.
    Anyway, I thankfully don’t have to worry about that happening to me right now. Your maxim “Pleasure on the lips mean 10 pounds on the hips” don’t apply to me. I even think the reverse is true.

  11. olander badaso 4rm ph

    god that was waaaay disgusting. He looks good though, only with clothes and those nips/tucks/ectomies.

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  13. Kicko

    This guy must have been looking at himself thinking “I’m a skinny floppy biotch”. Boobs to my tummy and tummy to my knees.but honestly the kid looks better you can atleast see what a cute face the boy really had. too bad under all those clothes its like the nightmare before christmas.

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