Fashion Freak Friday + Cake

Written By bryanboy

Fashion Freak Friday + Cake

Let it be known that it’s official. I’m turning into one of those hardcore fashion-obsessed junkies. No, I’m not talking about those super trendy kids who go gaga on all things NOW but instead, I’m currently obsessed with fashion history and the evolution of fashion over the years. I even went to my dad’s mini mini library, something that I’m sorta, kinda but not really, forbidden to do (the last time I did it was gawd, ages ago) and found three very, very interesting books.

bryanboy fat

I saw this HILARIOUS sign on my way to my aunt’s house the other day. With all the cake I’ve been eating the past week, I just HAD to tell the driver to stop because the sign represents what I feel inside. I love it!

Click click click!

Before we go on my little fashion obsession, let me tell you that I’ve been feeding myself a lot of cake recently. I know, yes, I know it’s silly.

I ate a grand total of 8 different cakes since Monday. I think it has something to do with my toothache. I always eat a heck of a lot of sweet shit whenever I experience pain — yep, I’m one of those fat slobs who go to food for comfort — a very, very disgusting and dangerous habit if you ask me.

These are the cakes I ate yesterday. The one with the dark chocolate chu chu whatever on top is covered in solid white chocolate on the sides with brown bits. I know nothing about cakes; as long as it’s edible I’ll eat it.

cake, bizu

cakes, bizu

cakes, bizu

Oh man I loooooooooove the cake!

I called my dentist on Wednesday morning and the receptiobitch told me she’s fully-booked this week and she won’t be able to get me a slot till Monday morning. Michael Moore Sicko are you reading this? Since when did dentists, of all people, became busy, especially in the third world? Aren’t people scared of dentists?

Me: Is Dr.___ available tomorrow? My tooth hurts
Receptiobitch: No, we’re fully-booked this week, I could schedule you for Tuesday next week.
Me: Tuesday? That’s like a week from now. My tooth hurts and it’s killing me!
Receptiobitch: I’m sorry but Dr.___ is running on a tight schedule and there’s no available slots.
Me: What am I gonna do from now until Tuesday?
Receptiobitch: I don’t know, let me check.

*30 seconds later*

Receptiobitch: What about Monday, 1:30PM
Me: Don’t you have Monday morning? I sleep in the afternoons.
Receptiobitch: I could put you in for 10:30AM
Me: Ok. I’ll take that.
Receptiobitch: Is there anything else?
Me: Aren’t you gonna take my na–? (she interrupted me)
Receptiobitch: Oh, I know who you are. I could tell from the voice.
Me: Oh.
Receptiobitch: Is that all?


[Note to self: take a picture of the minimum-waging pleb on Monday so the entire world can make fun of her fat ass. Just kidding.]

I must stop eating cake.

A pleasure on lips means 10 pounds on the hips.






I don’t want to be fat.


Moving on.

I went to my dad’s mini mini libray and found these books. DON’T ASK ME WHY. Even I get shocked whenever I see my parents’ collection of books. Platinum by Cartier? Haute Couture? New York Fashion: The Evolution of American Style? Not what you’d expect from people who whinge and whine how 40 Philippine pesos (80 USA cents) in parking fees is "excessive". I’m not even joking! He is the worst cheapskate/penny pincher in the world! I can’t even count the number of times in the past when we’d eat out at pricey restaurants with the entire familia de horreur, only for him to balk when the bill arrives. My siblings and I sometimes think he does it deliberately because he has this "face" that he gives when he looks at the bill.. he would put on this face, WHINE at the waitress and then he would all look at all of us to see how we’re gonna react. Oh the embarassment! LOL

See how I always go astray from my topics? Ugh. Back to couture because we LOVE couture.

So yeah.

I learned so much fashion/fashiony stuff it’s not even funny. Before they had the Proenza, the Zac Posen and the Heatherette, they had Paul Poiret, Charles James, Howard Greer, Mainbocher and Foxbrownie (YES!!!!!!!!!).

I loove this 1962 photo. Isn’t she FABULOUS?

Before they had Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli for H&M and Proenza Schouler for Target, they had Halston for JC Penney!!!!!!

JC Penney of all people!


Who the hell knew? I know I didn’t.

Also, look at these lavish haute couture dresses made by Christian Dior himself. No, not Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre or John Galliano for Dior, but Christian himself.

The embroidery and beadwork is amazing!

christian dior haute couture

christian dior haute couture

christian dior haute couture

christian dior haute couture

What can I say other than "oh well, you learn something new everyday"?

I honestly find fashion interesting and fascinating. It seems like the more I know about fashion, the more I want to know MORE. Does that make any sense? 

It’s times like this that makes me want to go to fashion school but alas, it’s too late and I’m far too old already.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. those cakes look awesome. have you checked out it’s got a food log and activities log option that tallies your calorie count (eaten and burned off) each day.
    really nice post about fashion – and you’re not too old to go to fashion school!

  2. franer

    you ain’t old bryan remember you are still in your teens???? hehehe! well theres no age for learning… the lesser we acknowledge that there’s still time to learn new things the faster we age! you go bryan your a fashion goddess!

  3. ildrich

    you’re never too old! my uncle didn’t follow his dreams until he was in his late 20’s / early 30’s. he’s friends with your fashion designer friend. his name is ivar aseron and i think u’ve met him before

  4. Yeah. You go Bryan. It’s all about the crive/passion, not the age. And you’re not too old anyway.
    @ Ildrich- OMG I love Ivar Aseron. Very innovative creations.

  5. Those cakes are amazing. Wish I was there right now so I can make my obese fanny fatter! Those Dior gowns are Imeldific.

  6. kurimaw

    bryan go for it! you’ll get rich am pretty sure when you make your own fashion line.. i think you are a genious. period.

  7. Wisdom comes with age, and seriously, you don’t want to be an old man regretting risks you didn’t take… go for it you sexy bitch.

  8. i agree with the others…ur not too old to learn fshion design…go bry…do it!! ur gna regret it when ur 40 that u didnt do it at 25!! ( or shd i say 17???)
    Stay FAb!!

  9. Courtney

    If you don’t know Worth, you’re worth-less. I swear, I’ve been having the exact same thoughts about going into design. And then I look back and get so inspired. Couture > Cum

  10. I know how you feel. But,hey!
    You look thin! (honestly,you’re my thinspiration) and i can’t believe my eyes everytime you mention how you look fat!
    About fashion – I agree with everything you’ve said,but you know…it’s never too late!

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