Could you be any more gay?

Written By bryanboy

Could you be any more gay?

Here’s a little candid vid a friend took of me. Watch me gay it up to the extreme, flying wrists and flailing hands and all, for the security guard who was being a complete pest. It’s funny how I could barely carry my bag when all I had inside bag was my phone, a lighter, a packet of cigarettes, a tiny flask of vodka and some nembutal. Just kidding.

I’m soooo fat I HATE IT!!!!

Security guard:
It’s not allowed to take photos.
Mich: Bawal mag ano? (Translation: It’s not allowed to what?)
Security guard: It’s not allowed to take photos.
Mich: Ahhhhh. OK.


  1. Was that Mich?
    At first I thought that voice is of another gay….
    Ang chaka ng boses.

  2. ildrich

    im confused, ur nose looks normal here… do u photochop ur pics to make em look MJ-ish?

  3. sandie

    When he so how fabulous you looked, he moved out of your way!

  4. Haha That guy in blue said that video camera’s aren’t allowed.
    And..your not as gay as I thought you were.

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