Coach Legacy Alligator Bag

Written By bryanboy

Coach Legacy Alligator Bag

Imagine the shockawehorror when I saw this $10,000 alligator bag from Coach. Yes ladies, it’s much, mucho more expensive that a Hermès Birkin/Kelly!!

I don’t understand Coach. I really don’t. I don’t understand the brand, I don’t understand the appeal, I don’t understand their price points, I just simply don’t understand Coach.

Coach Legacy Alligator Bag

Even the closure reminds you of Mulberry, no?

Who is Coach to demand $10,000 for a tiny alligator flap bag? Coach, at least to me, is synonymous to suburban Stepford wives who don’t know any better and wants to buy an entry-level "designer" bag. I don’t even consider Coach as a "designer" per se… they fall into that Dooney & Burke "category". Hello. Nancy Gonzalez, purveyor of gorgeous exotics, produces some of the most breathtaking and superb crocodile pieces in the world… and their typical price point is within the $2,500 – $3,500 range FOR GINORMOUS CROC PIECES and let me tell you, Nancy’s reputation is nothing like Coach. All the beautiful & chic chica chickadoo people in Nueva York love Nancy.

For Coach, I’d totally understand $1,000 but add another zero at the end of it then you might as well smoke crack. Clearly, Coach is high on drugs, no?

Or maybe, just maybe, Vogue’s Filipa Fino’s copyeditor should be sacked for this typo. I don’t know about you but the only person I could think of when it comes to this $10K Coach Legacy bag is Eva Longoria’s character on Desperate Housewives.



    bryan, fucking bryanboy! Im think you are fabulous, fucking fabulous! My name is Lisa and im come from Sweden! I’ve read that you have mates here? I LOVE IT!
    Anyway, contact me! you got my email Lover! And don’t forget, youre fucking fabolous and so am I!

  2. ew…I understand how you feel towards Coach. I don’t understand why people buy this brand, when they could opt for a Fendi or Chanel or Dior instead. Coach is just tacky.

  3. joylet

    i think the only thing worth buying at coach are their dog collars. i got a cute one for my dog. but as for myself, nah.

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