Britain's Next Top Model – Cycle 3

Written By bryanboy

Britain’s Next Top Model – Cycle 3

It’s not yet too late to jump on the Britain’s Next Top Model bandwagon. Only the Brits can deliver 110% pure bitchiness and filth; those Canadian, Australian and American girls have nothing on these foulmouthed lasses from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and for that, I’m totally hooked.

Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 3

The show is currently ongoing so expect major updates over the next few weeks as they come but go ahead and add the Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 episode guide at Fashvids. There’s four episodes right now, fyi. Heck, one of my favourite fashion editors ever, Mizzz Hilary Alexander, made a cameo appearance… same with Janice Dickinson… so what are you waiting for? Watch the vids and get hooked!


  1. We want “America’s Next Top Sex Offender”! Come on, Bryanboy! It’s been so longggg…

  2. God I cant understand what those bitches are saying half the time. Why is the accent so horrible?

  3. sarah-louise mitchell

    Hi ive been looking for ages of how to become on britains next top model but can’t find anywhere to sign up, can you point me in the right direction?

  4. niecy

    how do i apply for britain’s next top model plz i would like to be on the show for 2009

  5. How do i go about getting an application form for britains next top model in 2009?

  6. caroline quinn

    hi there could you send me he link to apply for britans next top model 2009

  7. You Can Apply For Britains Next Top Model By Goin On n there should be a link on there somewhere for BNTM5 x

  8. heya can anybody tell me how to apply for the next one because i was on the site the other day and then lost it again now i cant get back onto it…

  9. Emma Harmer

    I know i am to late for 2009 Britains next top model however i would love to be on the show. Please let me know how i can make it possible to be on Britains Next Top Model.
    Thank you

  10. stacey rice

    i cant find an entry form for britians next top model 2009 can anyone point me in the rite diretion or send me a link 2 the website cheers x x

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