Ballet flats for the boys

Written By bryanboy

Ballet flats for the fem bots boys

One of the things I love most about Swedish designers is the fact that they seem to have perfected the art of androgyny and try to push it to greater heights. When you think you’ve seen it all, like meggings and meels, wait till you see these men’s ballet flats from Acne Jeans, Spring/Summer 2008.

men's ballet flats

I have no words. Really.

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  1. Darling! Cum-a-bunds, innit? Oh, sweetie, your layout isn’t quite working – I lose half of the fabulous picture on the left of you in heels.
    Oh, go kill some kittens and turn them into slippers, I mean, people outraged by feathers! They didn’t complain when you mentioned burgers or cream.

  2. parndogg

    Hey Hey BB, Im back after a very long break. I was having a hard time viewing your blog for a while. My silly computer kept crashing. Ohhhh Ive got sooo much to catch up on. Love Ya from Sherman Oaks CA. (the nice part) Baboosh!
    P.S. The boy slippers are hot but what next? Tampons for Guys?

  3. DUDE those flats for men look wonderful that is the most awesome thing I ever seen I hope they come out here in America. DAMN I love flats.
    the flats are awesome but they look horrible on those outfits the should of try something more casual to go with the flats and they would of look better way better.

  4. Why not? It´s time for the guys wearing ballet flats too. It looks wonderful with jeans. I have one pair and I love the feeling.

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