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Me: ok. be honest now.
Me: am I prettier compared to 80% of the human population?

bryanboy and stef

Stef: no
Me: prettier than 90%?
Me: i can’t say i’m prettier than 99% of the population cause I’m not perfect
Stef: you are skinnier than 98% of adults in the western world most likely
Stef: I’d say more like 60-70%, you’re average
Me: bitch! I AM NOT AVERAGE!
Me: lol
TonyStef: and that you’re young counts in your favour
Me: i’m not average
Me: eeeew i’m insulted
Me: i would rather be called fug than be called average. nothing is more insulting than average
Me: lol
Stef: well, you’re prettier than Tony Montana
Me: who the hell is tony montana
Stef: though he is in the lowest 30% of the population of the world, even a bit lower when only looking at his age group
Stef: look at this photo –>
Me: oh
Me: eeeew.
Me: i’m like WAYYYY prettier than that.
Stef: yes you are
Stef: Hearts
Me: so what about you then?
Me: you’re prettier than what % of the population
Stef: if only counting males in my age group (16-30), I’d say I’m above 75% because I work out.
Me: deflate that ego
Stef: face only then maybe i’m 50-60%
Stef: awww, are you mad because I said you weren’t pretty?


Mauricio: can you draw what we would look like if we weighed like suzy menkes?
Me: no. i love suzy menkes
Mauricio: please? for a my birthday? it’s tomorrow and i want a portrait of myself as suzy menkes
Mauricio: not even if i transferred money into your account?
Mauricio: PENNY WHORE!
Me: i would rather paint a portrait of polly mellen on a sybian.

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  1. deeyou

    Face-wise? You look like an average Filipino guy (who wears make up).
    The body is definately unique though.

  2. weevil

    Packing Sheeet! Have you learned nothing from Marie Osmond? (sing it!) “Everything is beautiful, in it’s own way…”

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