Me: ok. be honest now.
Me: am I prettier compared to 80% of the human population?

bryanboy and stef

Stef: no
Me: prettier than 90%?
Me: i can’t say i’m prettier than 99% of the population cause I’m not perfect
Stef: you are skinnier than 98% of adults in the western world most likely
Stef: I’d say more like 60-70%, you’re average
Me: bitch! I AM NOT AVERAGE!
Me: lol
TonyStef: and that you’re young counts in your favour
Me: i’m not average
Me: eeeew i’m insulted
Me: i would rather be called fug than be called average. nothing is more insulting than average
Me: lol
Stef: well, you’re prettier than Tony Montana
Me: who the hell is tony montana
Stef: though he is in the lowest 30% of the population of the world, even a bit lower when only looking at his age group
Stef: look at this photo –>
Me: oh
Me: eeeew.
Me: i’m like WAYYYY prettier than that.
Stef: yes you are
Stef: Hearts
Me: so what about you then?
Me: you’re prettier than what % of the population
Stef: if only counting males in my age group (16-30), I’d say I’m above 75% because I work out.
Me: deflate that ego
Stef: face only then maybe i’m 50-60%
Stef: awww, are you mad because I said you weren’t pretty?


Mauricio: can you draw what we would look like if we weighed like suzy menkes?
Me: no. i love suzy menkes
Mauricio: please? for a my birthday? it’s tomorrow and i want a portrait of myself as suzy menkes
Mauricio: not even if i transferred money into your account?
Mauricio: PENNY WHORE!
Me: i would rather paint a portrait of polly mellen on a sybian.

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