Anna Wintour's Mother & Daughter Moment

Written By bryanboy

Anna Wintour’s Rare Mother & Daughter Moment

Anna Wintour lookin’ thin! Anna Wintour smiling… and smiling wide! Anna Wintour in denim jeans! Anna Wintour wearing flats! Anna Wintour hugging/being hugged by her daughter! Is that vintage soft Louis Vuitton luggage? What in the world is coming into? How come no one told me about this super rare video of Anna Wintour and Bee Schaffer outside the Ritz Hotel in Paris? I found this month-old video on my own while searching for something.

I don’t know about you but I love Anna and all the crap everyone makes up about her being ice queen are nothing but fabricated lies. One day, Anna will make one of her slaves call me on the phone, fly me on an all-expense paid trip to Nueva York, give me a job, have Andre Leon Talley give me a head-to-toe makeover, introduce me to Plum Skykes and Sally Singer and Grace Coddington and Zac Posen, who will be my new boyfriend and of course, Jack and Lazaro… we’re gonna have one big orgy!

Like hell that’s gonna happen but hey, it’s free to dream.


  1. Giorgio

    how cute :) exactly, that shows that she is a very nice woman, actually ;) i know it’s just a mask she’s sporting at fashion shows or at vogue..but she is extremely human, at the same time…love heeer
    and hey, you never know what your future’s gonna getcha ;) check your inbox, btw..sent you a very fat e mail :)))

  2. I heart Anna Wintour! It is such a delight to see Anna and daughter in a tender moment. I was channeling my inner paparazzo last weekend and was waiting for her majesty to come out of her Sullivan Street townhouse, but alas, I have no patience to wait for hours! Hahaha!

  3. hell has just froze. anna wintour displayed her emotions in public!

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