You know, Prince Harry is so fucking hot.

Written By bryanboy

You know, Prince Harry is so fucking hot.

You know, it’s not just me who says you know on tv interviews, you know? Prince William, you know, does it too, you know?

I looove their accents. God damn I’ve got cum splattered on my table as I’m typing this.


  1. bading

    harry is hot cuz he’s a hewitt not a bourbon!!! those german dwarves!!!

  2. BB! i died! i so fucking died! was bored by the long q from the interviewer then bam! that accent…
    harry is so much hotter than wills now! and that pink shirt looks soo good on him…
    let’s fly to london now!

  3. Harry’s not my cup of tea, William’s always been my favorite of the two… but DANG the accent IS HOT!! Owwwww!

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