You have got to be kidding me.

So tell me, why does Ruffa Gutierrez Bektas Daloia deserve THREE, FULL-TIME police officers to be on her beck and call as PERSONAL BODYGUARDS? I know she said her ex-husband Yilmaz threatened to "pay someone in the Philippines to kill" her but whatevs. Why should my — and my fellow brown monkey’s taxes — go to someone like, well, Ruffa, who is synonymous to a swarovski AND (emphasis on the AND) cavalli lifestyle?

I swear to god, Paris Hilton should fucking move to my neck of the woods. Celebrity justice prevails here. It really shows how CRAP the government is. I thought I’d write this post after reading several blogs voicing their outrage over this ridiculous thing. Whatever happened to their tax evasion case? And now bigamy?

I’m sure you’re a nice person Ruffa (we’ve never met but you were like 3 feet away from me at an event and you were larger than life, overcompensating bling and all), but why, pray tell, should the public pay for YOUR security when you’re the one who aired your dirty laundry in public? You are NOT a government official, you are NOT a public servant, you are NOT a witness in trial and you are certainly not a diplomat. I say get your OWN bodyguards if you are worried about safety and security. Sell your Elie Saab on eBay if you must. This is absolutely outrageous and a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

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