Do you have a cellphone? I’m high as a kite yet bored out of my skull. My mangina is dripping wet so get your mobile phone and call me. You can talk to me for 10 minutes, ABSOLUTELY FREE! A friend of mine from Italy sent me this absolutely cool site where you can call different places in the world for free. Well, the first 10 minutes are free but tell me, if you’re a random stranger who don’t have anything to say other than "hi bryan, you’re so hot, you’re so sexy, i wanna fondle your fat brown fanny" then 10 minutes is wayyyy more than enough.

Try it today. Go to www.rebtel.com and enter YOUR cellphone number and MY cellphone number. Here’s an example. My cellphone number is +63 (Third world aka Philippines) then 915 785 1492.

It’s almost 1 in the morning where I’m at and I’ll probably take phone calls over the next 2 hours. I know you’re bored and horny so get on with the program and CALL ME!!!!

Call me. Don’t call the child. LOL. I’ll be waiting lover.