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It finally happened. After months and months and months and months of hard work, my good friend Mrs. T‘s shop is finally open to the public. Actually, it’s been open for two weeks now but my internal body clock is fucked up. I was supposed to visit her last week but a few urgent things came up. Some kind of a friend I am. *smack* But yeah… ladies… I present you… Tresorie!


Click click click!

They carry all sorts of things ranging from pre-owned designer bags, fabulous clothes (from Filipino label Tinsley) and lovely little accesssories (D! Luxe) that scream "rich lady". Haha!

I’m so happy!!! I really am and boy, I’m SOOO proud of her. The enormous amount of work she put on this little baby is crazy! I remember chatting with Mrs. T on the wee hours of the day a few months back on how she should get her own shop and bam wham bam. It’s here! Judging from the photographs, her store looks GORGEOUS! I love the home-y feel to it, from the flooring to the furniture… it looks soo cozy and a nice place to shop, no?

All photos courtesy of Tresorie! I need to get off my fat ass and go there to take photos myself. I will!!! Promise!!!!

I’m gonna pay her a visit sometime this week once I get my act together. Going out is a fucking ritual when you have soo many things on your plate. I’ll take photos on my rusty old camera and take a little video/store tour. The accessories look sooooo gorgeous.

Spend spend spend! I’m gonna pick up some of the necklaces myself. Bitch better reserve some shit for me.

If you are in the market to buy a designer bag but don’t want to pay retail, check out the bags at Tresorie. The bags are 100% authentic and pre-owned. I’ve known Mrs. T for quite some time and I can personally vouch for her — she’s the bag expert in the Philippines.

Mrs. T has been selling pre-owned bags as a hobby for god knows how long and now it’s a full-fledged business.

Tresorie! is located on the 2nd Floor of Doña Consolacion Bldg, 122 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Makati City (between Red Ribbon and Frank Provost on Jupiter Street), Manila, Philippines. They are open from 11:30AM to 7:30PM Monday – Saturday and they are also available by appointment.

Phone: +63.2.890.0037

Don’t forget to tell them I sent you if you go there! Support Tresorie! my minions… spend spend spend. Buy buy buy! Haha ;)


  1. Nice looking shop from what we can see from the pics. Not so “third world”. Good for her.

  2. Oh, she was featured on TV some nights ago :D yeah, really lovely bags! And I loved how she put it into words: “Yes, there are fakes out there, but the real deal will never be imitated.”

  3. aargh – any online ways we overseas folk can buy these lovely philippine goodies?
    bryan, you can make a mint with some sort of online fashion store.

  4. great,…. hey bb how was your accessory line? whatever happen to that? any update? we want to buy from too..

  5. Hey B!
    Thanks for featuring our boutique! We were actually expecting you to come, but figured you must’ve gotten real tied up with something important. Been calling you the last few days to say thanks for the support, it’s really sweet of you!
    Come by soon! And thanks to those who said the shop is nice :) I hope you all can come to the store to say hello. No obligation to buy, just come for some bag chat! It’s always welcome! :)

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