Street Style my ass

Written By bryanboy

Street Style my ass

There used to be a time when I browsed global "street style" websites (you know the usual suspects) like clockwork. I mean, it’s always nice to see what the average day-to-day unknown people on the streets are wearing. However, when such sites feature photos of people who go to fashion or fashion/style-related events, it all becomes an extremely boring party photo album. Why? Because everyone is REQUIRED to dress up and look fabulous. People during fashion week? check. People in nightclubs? check. People in press events? check. People in product launches? check. It’s an event for god’s sake. The people are beautiful alright and style is overflowing but really, whatever happened to spontaneity, you know what I mean?

Blah, it’s hard to explain it in writing so bear with me. What I’m trying to say is… "integrity" is lost somewhere because it’s "easy" to take photos of fashionable people at events versus spotting the stylish unknowns ON. THE. STREET. I went to one of my favourite street style websites, Stockholm Street Style and there’s loads of people on "events" versus random people on the street. Oh well. At least some of the photos on the site didn’t fail compared to other street style sites that makes me want to punch my monitor from predictability/boredom.


  1. Hey bitch, first of all this title is perfection!!!!
    I’ve been getting kinda fed up with the street style blogs that only shoot editors, events and other fashion crazies who get clothes for free! yawn.

  2. Well, uh, I can’t stand those websites. It’s all like setup, I mean, what? Do these people have lighting crews that follow them around? They airbrush the photos– too…
    I mean– even look at the background, it’s like smokey/industrial/citylike. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned out to actually be in a fucking studio. lol.
    I get it– it’s like, what’s the point?
    It’s like opening one of the fashion magazines and they have pictures from all the fashionable and trendy events.

  3. candy

    hey bryan, just curious if you are familiar with the blogger ‘the queer chef’? i think he’s from sweden though im not really sure. well, he’s been using (and abusing) your original gayspeak (like mangina, verbal diarrhea, etc.) and i thought you might care to find out who this queer thinks he is stealing from you. also, your blog is linked to his.

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