Spot the hottie

Written By bryanboy

Spot the hottie!

So tell me, what is more attractive than a hot boy with nice, long hair and a love affair with bright colours, cardigans, skinny jeans, handbags and yes, pink shoes?

hot guy

I know a hottie when I see one. Click click click for more pictures of Jonatan from Stockholm.

Don’t you wish all the boys are just like him?

long hair, blue cardigan, blue jeans, brown bag

I want hair like that!!!!! I am soo growing my hair.

pink shoes
Photos courtesy of Stockholm Street Style.

Isn’t he adorable? That’s what I call pure boyfriend material.


  1. Ilseeee

    I say straight, cause I know he wants me. hehe kidding. but straight anyway.

  2. ihatethatilovebb

    yeah, he really is hot! i know one who’s like him here in the third world but he’s an expat, does that count?

  3. He’s so frigging cute! I totally wanna bag him! Dammit! I hate American suburbia… Hey, is it normal for guys to dress like that in Stockholm? Street-style can be sorta whacky.

  4. Okay. Fuck me!
    Whenever I see this photo I go gaga for him. I want to be raped by this guy.
    –Le Mars

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