Sluts of the day: I'm gonna write a letter to Anya Hindmarch. NOW!

Written By bryanboy

Dear Bryanboy,

After we queued six fucking hours for Anya Hindmarch bags, we felt it was only appropriate to dedicate this one to you. Note the mancandy in the background.

Anya Hindmarch I am not a plastic bag!

Loves it!

M, C & C
Gay men trapped in women’s bodies

Bryanboy’s note: Cunts. The three of you. CUNTS! *just kidding*

PS. I just checked eBay and man, the $10 bags are now in the $80-$99 range with Buy Now prices of $200+. Amazing!


  1. C of M, C & C

    bryanboy’s sluts of the day?! i can die a happy woman. love yah BB!

  2. Cunt #3

    Damnt right, it’s better than yours. we fucking LOVE bryanboy!

  3. Cunt at Left

    Six hours and worth every minute! It’s only natural that we be the sluts du jour. I mean, you are after all our favourite fag of all time.

  4. Im a half filipina that lives in London. If I ever run into one of those bags I will remember to send it to you.
    I am so happy I somehow found this blog. It’s amazing, and oh so politically incorrect it makes me cringe! Viva la internet!!
    I will be in the Philippines in Aug for a month or so. Maybe I will run into you.
    Your pics and posts make me miss the Philippines. But not jollibee. fatty fatty patty! or whatever you say. ahha
    xx ingrid

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