Slut of the day: Mars

Written By bryanboy

Slut of the day: Mars

Here’s a good ol’ American twink from Illinois to add to my growing collection. Don’t we all love crazy gay kids? His name is Mars, he’s "18" and he’s 6’2.

Click click click for more pics!


Y’all know where to send photos of your unconditional love. Email and make my mangina moist for god’s sake!

I love you all!


  1. Great, so 48% of your readers would smack me up real good with some jizz. Hahaha, that’s so dirty.
    I love it.
    –Le Mars

  2. Bryan, what are you thinking? How can anyone actually make a judgement call like that without knowing his penis size?! Please! I vote NO until we know more.

  3. Darl I have a question: why did you decide to publicize your cheapest rip-off to date? I mean, it’d be OK if his blog was called Bryanboy fagclub, but otherwise…

  4. Honey, in spain kids don’t wanna be bull-fighters or soccer player anymore, they wanna be bryanboys.
    I’ve seen Bryanboy rip-offs before, they dress up, take pictures and wait for wealth to come to their door;)
    Unluckily for them The Queen of the Internet has been already elected

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