Partners in Crime

Written By bryanboy

Partners in Crime

My good friend Nicole rang me up a few hours ago and got jealous so here’s something that I took especially for her.

Vote now! Who do you like best? Paris or Nicole?

That’s hot. Loves it. Sa sa sa sa sa sa sa. Sa saaaaa!


  1. billy

    no witty words needed,the picture says it all. one of ur most hilarious entries. EVAR!!!

  2. keep on impersonating bb!
    i lurv this new gimmickry of yours.
    you look sexy in paris
    you look crap in nicole

  3. Marie

    I just discovered you recently and have been soo hooked ever since. You are THE Gayest! And I thank you for that.
    Paris? Yes
    Nicole? blah

  4. davemex

    hahahaha hilarious both are great, look good as paris, i vote for that one

  5. candy

    You might as well do the third ex-BFF Lindsay stoned and asleep in a car. Classic. I vote for Paris. You could have cocked your head in an angle to get even closer to the original.

  6. Lisa from Cali

    Funny pics, love them both! Did you see Nicole on Letterman pimping her show?

  7. russel torres

    bwahahahahaha….nakakaloka ka muder!!!! thirdworld fag copycat….love your blog…promis!!!!

  8. Mikael

    again you have increased the level of love i have for you BB!

  9. fashionista

    do the cover of Bazaar with both Nicole and Paris
    and if you ever have the time….Lindsay and Britney Spears would also be so fantabulous!!!

  10. Love it! XD Lol! I loved it! Laughed myself silly. Your Nicole pic is prettier.

  11. joylet

    you are such a poser!!! did you photochop your nose too? iza is a very beautiful lady. you dont deserve to be in any magazine’s cover coz youre fugly.

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