Paris Hilton Bonanza!

Written By bryanboy

Paris Hilton Bonanza!


This has been going on for hours now and I pretty much stopped whatever it is that I was doing. I really should hit the sack but I can’t wait to know what’s gonna happen to Paris. If I were you, hop over to TMZ and X17 and keep refreshing that page every few minutes for LIVE coverage of the whole Paris ordeal. This is WAYYY better than crystal meth y’all!

Here’s the latest photo of Paris as she’s escorted to go back to court. Look at the clothes! I fucking love it!


Ok. After seeing this photo, I *really* do feel sorry for her. Imagine being alone in a police car. I hope she learns her lesson this time.

Hang in there Paris!! We love you!


  1. Peach

    Paris’s stylist needs to be applauded for giving her that perfect “I’m so close to the edge now I might even buy retail” look. I pride myself on being a woman with practical sensibilities so I have come to terms with the grave possibility that Paris is most likely going back to jail. However special allowances must surely be made for her! Let her take her own clothing and bedding at the VERY least! Can you imagine the damage the relentless scuffing of those polyester/cotton blends (do they still make those?) fabrics would do to her skin? Over exfoliation! True madness!

  2. marina

    stupid bitch deserves to go back to jail – nobody in hollywood is held accountable for their actions. she can cry all she wants.
    sadly she will never understand WHY she is truly being punished… in her stupid blonde head, drunk driving and driving on a suspended license are offenses only the lowly peons like us should have to answer for.

  3. Giorgio

    oh paris i was so happy you were released and at least you had to do home arrest :)
    and now??? this is really unfair stupid justice system!! i mean wtf to put someone in jail just because of 2 minor traffic misdemeanors??? c’mon they could have better suspended her license for her whole life !!
    hang on darling, you can do it !

  4. rene Kelley

    Paris I am a big fan of yours . I want you to know that this is happening TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.You have many people praying for you be safe and the time will go fast .Your fan Rene’ from Tx.

  5. Paris, I hope you know ALOT of people are praying for you.When one door closes ANOTHER one opens. They are doing this to save your life . Be safe, Your big fan Rene’from Tx.

  6. Julian

    People that want Paris back in prison are just JEALOUS, ENVIOUS & POOR DAY-TO-DAY WORK-AHOLICS that can’t help but make themselves happy by seeing other people (richer & higher level of course) underneath them and suffering. FOR GOD SAKE’S, it’s not that she killed someone, im sure house arrest would do for her! In fact, I’m sure there’s millions of other people out there that really deserve to be in that cell instead of her. YOU LOSERS, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. I THINK SHE HAS ENOUGH ATTENTION WITH THE MEDIA & THE PAPARAZZI. GO & WORK HARDER, so you can pay for your Mercedes Benz!!!!!

  7. Whackenut

    Its great shes back in jail! Shes there for violating her probation from a DRUNK DRIVING CHARGE. What if she killed someone while intoxicated? We wouldn’t be having this discussion!
    Let her rot in jail like everyone else who is stupid enough to drive drunk and think that the law doesn’t extend to them because of money!

  8. Please tell me Nicole and Lindsay are next …. Those photos are priceless!!!!

  9. Am I the only one who voted for: house arrest?
    I fucking hate the whole ordeal. And this judge is bullshit, he’s just doing it because he has some vendetta against her. Like a lot of people, he’s just plain jealous that he’s old, fat, and poor, and she’s happening, fabulous, and mucho-wealthy.
    I mean, the judge even said, “SHE’S GOING TO SPEND 45 DAYS IN JAIL,” for the cameras. I just saw it on CNN.
    I *honestly* felt so terrible when I heard about how she called her mom’s name and how she was pulled into a police car.
    Oh my god, imagine if that was your kid calling your name while she was getting pulled away by some nasty police grunts?
    There should be a special prison for people from the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Bel-air, etc.

  10. Stephabulous

    What I love most is the way she –never one to miss a photo op– made damn sure her face was turned toward the car window as she sobbed… what a pro!

  11. its true that we shouldnt give special right to celebrities but, in this case, it involves a lot of people who adores here.her sentence is like a punishment to her fans too.
    hater might say bullshit,but if ur in her shoes it still hurts.Paris is like the oprah for some people.what would oprah fans do if shes in jail? agree with that fatass ans send her to jail?maybe.maybe not.
    that fatass just want popularity.sending paris back to jail will increase his credibility as a judge.he is doing just that.
    what would u do if bb was sent to jail? agree with the judge? HELL NO!and vice versa.
    world ready to take paris’s place for the next 20 or so days while shes in jail.hah.KIDDING.<3 paris.

  12. JInnie

    I think I do feel the same way as you! Bryanboy, and to be surprise…why so many people here vote for going back to Jail?! I think there’s alot of american did the same thing as Paris but didn’t get punish by putting in the Jail like her.. its just that she is Paris Hilton. so unfair

  13. I’m all for Paris going to jail and being punished like any other person – It is NOT because I’m jealous of her. So fucking what if she’s richer than all of us and an heiress to the line of Hilton Hotels? I feel sorry for those 10,000 people who signed that petition for Paris to be pardoned from her mistake. Good on Arnold Schwarzenegger for pretty much saying “I have no time for this bullshit” – because it is hahahahahahha

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