Paris Hilton Interview on CNN Larry King Live!

Written By bryanboy

Paris Hilton Interview on CNN Larry King Live!

The living Mattel doll is back!

Source: TMZ

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Will someone please, for the life of god, do me a favour and record the Paris Hilton interview on Larry King Live and upload it on YouTube? I won’t be able to watch it when they air it here later today. It’s 10:06AM, the show is going to be aired here in the third world in about 7 hours and I’ll be asleep. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? I *HAVE* to see this interview in its entirety or else I’m gonna die! This is a life/death situation for me. LOL

I love Paris and all but I wanna slap her for lying to Larry King saying she has NEVER done drugs. Bullshit! At least Nicole Richie had the balls to admit she’s done drugs. Hell, even my dog has done cocaine for god’s sake!

LOLers at baloney sandwich aka "mystery meat" for lunch and then "jail slop" for dinner.

I know it sounds silly but what the fuck is baloney? I don’t think I’ve ever had baloney before.

Again, will an angel please record the full interview for me???? I’ll forever be indebted. :)

Thanks guys! I love you all.


  1. bologna |bəˈlōnē| (also bologna sausage) noun
    a large smoked, seasoned sausage made of various meats, esp. beef and pork

  2. ever had mortadella? well, it’s a really horrid version of it – very bland, very salty. if you’ve never tasted it, more power to you!
    wow, would like to see more of this interview. i missed it on the telly!

  3. Paris is my muse and she always be, i was glue to my tv as she appears in Larry King.., she can tell the world is flat and i still believe her..

  4. bading

    my bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R… bb, i can’t believe u don’t know what bologna is, ur certainly full of it, baloney, i.e., HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Welcome back Bitch! We miss you so much! Hollywood nt the same without you the leader of the bitch-pack and the only real bad girl!!
    We love you!

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