Optimization/Clean-up in Progress

Written By bryanboy

Renovation Optimization/Clean-up in Progress

Just a quick note to let you guys know I’m currently in the middle of a website clean-up/optimization. I know my little labour of love isn’t the fastest-loading website out there but what can I say, you’re all masochists. You love it when I torture you and your internet browser, that’s why you keep on coming back.

I’ve received numerous emails over the past few months, especially from MAC/safari users, telling me their browser crashes whenever they go to my site. I’m not really THAT tech-savvy and I’m not a MAC user so I don’t have anything else to say other than try from a different computer. I’ll tweak my website here and there but that’s the most I could do.

Isn’t it long overdue? I mean hello, in almost 3 years, I clocked 1,135 blog entries and you guys made 15,111 comments and 119 trackbacks on my website. Amazing eh?

Typepad statistics

I’m not ready for a complete overhaul (not as of yet) so don’t expect a major facelift.

In any case, please bear with me over the next 24-48 hours as I improve my baby, Bryanboy.com.

Questions? Let me know by posting a comment. Alternatively, drop me a line at bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. bading

    hallelujah!!! it’s about time, bb!!! I have a T1 line, the fastest possible remote connection on the face of planet earth (short of getting a superconducting supercollider), and it still sometimes takes an eye-blink for ur site to load. but what’s really annoying is when u automatically route me to an advert link that i didn’t even click on, u greedy little bitch (u know what i mean)!!!

  2. sandie

    Do something! Please!(I thought my pc had problem)
    I have fast connection and anytime I enter your site it freezes and then gives me chance to read & see your stuff.

  3. I’m using the pricey (not so) T3 wireless broadband which don’t even need to load your page for even a minute..
    Anway, what’s up with that automatic advert??? Boy, you are good at making dollars and cents, do you??
    Bye bitch

  4. Hi Bryan!
    I just love reading this blog, and i don’t even experience anything that crashes my browser.. I’m actually using either Firefox or opera. (two of the best browser to use..) though MAC is using safari.
    well congrats to your tins of followers and readers, i hope I’ll be one of ’em them too! hav a nice day ;)

  5. I’m a mac/safari user and I’ve got no problems with crashing. Those other users must have a slow computer or something.

  6. I’m using a MacBook (the black one) and the latest and greatest Mozilla Firefox to view your site.
    I have had no problems whatsoever.

  7. Thanks for being so considerate!! But what I do is go to your site with Firefox, minimize it, go to another site and come back to yours after it’s finished do whatever it does!! I always have multiple browsers, site, etc., going all the time!!

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