Obsession du Jour: Judge Judy

Written By bryanboy

Obsession du Jour: Judge Judy

God I fucking love America. Land of the free and home of the brave indeed.

And I fucking love Judge Judy too. How come nobody told me about this TV show? It’s fucking hilarious! Where else could you find crazy dumb ass white boy thugs pair up with Mexican kids (well, he did say his last name is Gonsalves) to steal some poor skinny boy’s earphones, beat his ass up and claim it’s revenge because the skinny boy chased them with a golf club four years ago back in junior high?

Click click click!

And what about the case of this 16 year old girl with metal on her teeth suing a 15 year old American football jock because he didn’t show up at their prom? Is America crazy or what? For a 15 year old boy, the kid looks big and doable no? What’s up with his dad? I bet you that kid is adopted. There is NOOOO way that father is capable of producing perfect aryan children that heil hitler would be proud of. This kid should hook up with the 15 year old slut kid from Maury who’s a playa and got it like dat and give her a baby.

Is it really like that in America? It’s the only nation I could think of where the kids look nice and the parents look REALLY shit and REALLY fat and REALLY nasty. I’m talking about real people here,  real, normal day-to-day, average, suburban Americans, for instance, Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton. I’ll leave it to you to decide who looks shit and nice. Hahaha. Just kidding.

Why can’t parent and children teams look like, say, Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld where the daughter looks nice but the mother looks even more sensational?

But then again, maybe it’s not just limited in America, maybe, just maybe, it’s universal. I mean my parents definitely look like crap compared to me. Just kidding.

Going back to Judge Judy…

Holy shit, who the hell knew you could sue former friends/freeloaders for money you spent on them on vacations, trips, etc. AND GET IT BACK??? Crazy eh?

Here’s an 18 year old kid who spent lots of money on a deadbeat jobless 28 year old man who used to work at a company called "Speed Lube" as a lube (WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA) person. Love is definitely blind, I’ll agree to that.

Here’s a funny clip about a mom suing her own 19 year old daughter because of a boob job. What a slut.

And who could forget this "rich" man who doesn’t donate to charity but willing to spend on some diseased prostitute girl’s rack for a boob job? This man is GOING TO HELL!

There loads more and I’m fucking hooked! I spent a few hours watching old Judge Judy clips on YouTube and this shit is addictive!!!!!!


  1. Judges are corrupted by their powerr

    Judge Judy is such a bitch. You just love to swing a punch at her. She drinks puppy blood for breakfast.

  2. LuvsUrBlog

    All I have to say about that 18 y/o girl giving money to that 28 y/o loser is that HO was DICKMATIZED!
    That guy was kind of cute, in a Middle American way, and ya’ll know what they say about TALL Guys…..

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