Obsession du Jour: Mark Ronson

Written By bryanboy

Obsession du Jour: Mark Ronson

OMG legs akimbo! I died when I saw this photo, thanks to Michael K. Remember Lindsay’s lesbian backstabbing snitch? Well, she "it" has a brother and his name is Mark Ronson. To be honest with you, I haven’t seen a hot 32 year old man in a longgggg time. That’s like twice my age but you know what, fuck me daddy long time!

And here’s a photo of him doing what he does best.

I LOVE HIM ALREADY! He’s got a cute accent, too. I have one thing to say: HOT SEX.


  1. yes! agree! He’s hot 32 year old hot papa!
    Yes you need codes makeover BB!
    Too slow sometimes!

  2. omg! ultimatesuperdoopermega crush! he also has a sensible taste when it comes to music (he sings too!). i always listen to his radio show at east village radio. check out his own version of britney’s toxic. it’s really cute.

  3. I recently discovered Mark Ronson as well. I love love!!! I wanna buy him. Check out his podcasts. He’s so lovable.

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