Model Mania: Stretch marks

Written By bryanboy

Model Mania: Stretch marks

Oh wow they’re human too. *snigger*

I’ll give you an oreo cookie and a kiss on the cheek if you can guess the top model WITHOUT clicking on the link. Vote bitches!!

Click click click for the answer!

It’s Caroline Trentini!!!!

I still love her body though. Beauuuuuutiful! Look at those pelvic bones!!!

Click here for the high resolution photo.

*orgasm* Me want razor sharp pelvic bones NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m currently obsessed with Tanya Dziahileva. Bitch is soooo fierce!! I like her more than Coco Rocha.

Can you imagine, Tanya just turned 16 this year?

Love, love, love her walk.


  1. Oh. My. God. Just looking at those videos and pictures makes me want to lose another hundred pounds, haha. And yes, I loves the pelvic, too.

  2. you are fucking funny dude! im a swedish girl living in malta. do u have like alot of free time or something? cuz yr blog is freakin entertaining and i wonder where u come up of all this shit… hahaha, me like. and btw, me and my boyfriendr wonders, is it real coke on the pics in your album Me myself and I? very scarface!! big swedish kiss

  3. it’s funny how people voted for liya kebede and chanel iman! lol

  4. LuvsUrBlog

    I GOT IT RIGHT, bitches!Ne ne nene ne!
    Goes to show how much people really know about fashion models…voting for black models on the polls…I knew it was Caroline cuz she’s the one that does a lot of swimwear catwalks.
    Tanya is effing FIERCE!!!I Heart her.

  5. `yanee_fashionee

    I got it right but I did not vote for her(Carol T.), coz I keep on denying it to myself that its her! huhu. but owel, its pretty obvious…
    hey BB! I’m happy that u posted a Caro T here in ur uber fabuleux bleowg! yay!

  6. hi:) i just want to tell you, thank you so much for doing this! lol, it is a big relief to know that models have stretch marks, cause i have too and that’s totally what i wanna be, if i become a successful model i will give you credit for sure!

  7. jaylynn

    she was human for having stretch marks, but her body was gross. and it wasnt gross because of the marks, it was gross because of the bone. and bryan boy ur an diot. if u want pelvic bones like that why dont u starve urself. eventualy ull die, but hey, at least ull die with those FABULOUS pelvic bones. we all know they r to die for!!!

  8. Wow her body is disgusting.. Girls that look like sticks are very unattractive! yuck. As for the stretchmarks who cares we all have them..

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