Meet the US$100,000 Aluminum Dog House

Written By bryanboy

Meet the US$100,000 Aluminum Dog House

Can you see yourself living in this 8 foot by 8 foot house aluminum box? It was built as a solution to Britain’s housing shortage problems. Yes ladies, even Paris Hilton’s prison cell is bigger than this.  There’s a cute little toilet, a kitchen area, a foldable small bed and a breakfast nook/sitting area.

This "dog" house (for humans, duh!) costs £50,000 or what, US$100,000? I know real estate is SUPER EXPENSIVO in London but really, I would rather move elsewhere and build a proper home for myself than live in London in a dog house. Why let my quality of life suffer, ya know what I mean?  Anyway, if I’m not mistaken, I think you can get a half decent 3-bedroom house in third world suburbia or a studio condo in the city (we’re talking about the third world here) with that kind of money, but then again, who would want to live in the third world?

I’m not buying it. It’s a fancy, minimalist-version of Barbie play house and to be honest with you, even my baby beagle Titikaka’s extra baggage won’t fit that little prison cell let alone thinking about mine.


  1. bading

    bb, stop being such an IDIOT!!! This is the most insensitive post u have ever made!!! These pods are at best temporary housing for displaced persons, be it from natural catastrophes or financial indigency, u nitwit!!!

  2. We need another Bastille day to burn real estate moguls

    It’s well designed, isn’t it? I mean, there are no sharp edges, so you couldn’t kill yourself too easily. And the windows probably don’t open, to avoid defenestration. It’s for all those people who think London will give them a glamourous, dramatic life. Not! Well, I’d rather live in a doghouse in Ldn than Paris. Paris real estate is just the words. The ‘le crapule’ infested suburbs especially! Long live the cheap up and coming rural areas in Germany, Roumania, and Ukraine! Long live authentic living and the internet! Fuck capitalist real estate exploitation!

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