Karl Lagerfeld's Bodyguard killed me.

Written By bryanboy

Karl Lagerfeld’s Bodyguard killed me

I died. Died, died, died yet again.

So there I was, watching THIS promotional video of Chanel accessories for fall/winter 2007. It didn’t disappoint — gorgeous, gorgeous bracelets, belts, shoes, headbands, necklaces, bags, jewelry, boots, etc. Fast forward two minutes later, a penguin hoodie came up and pop goes the weasel, Uncle Karl’s bodyguard came into the picture.

Oh daddy!

I swear to god he winked at me and no, I’m not hallucinating!!! Watch that video now and see for yourself. He winked and then he licked his lips and wisphered "suck me" before Doutzen ruined the fantasy.

Just kidding.


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