HOLY SHIT! I found the real-life Victoria Pollard!

Written By bryanboy


Her name is Victoria, she’s American, she’s 15 years old, had bareback unprotected sex 300 times. I love it. I fucking love it! Fabulous.

Dat’s right I’m a playa. But datz coo. Becawz I gat it like dat.

Mah baby.


  1. babygrace

    i have to admit this is quite funny but at the same time i’m worried for her health…

  2. OMG! this is like the best you tube clip ever:)))) that lady is fucked up …i wonder what she has been doing ? did she get her baby ?:)))

  3. Well, I sort of admire her for not caring about what other people think.
    Poor mother, though. And future child.

  4. Lauren

    What the hell bitch has no self respect. I hate females like this.. White ass hillbillies who always yappin with their ugly ass voice. There is lots of them where i live full of damn hillbillies. dumb hoe

  5. searingul

    will she last 9 months???
    i bet she couldnt!!… :)
    uh,, does she have a father??
    she’s more like a psycopath..heheh

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