Gucci Resort 2008 (ENOUGH of the Frida bashing, will ya?)

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Gucci Resort 2008

Have you guys seen the new Gucci 2008 collection? Ooh la love.

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061907_fridaI went to one of my favourite online fashion discussion forums and boy, the amount of vitriol coming from hardcore Tom Ford fans is insane.

Enough of this Frida Giannini bashing. Seriously.

Frida’s just doing her job and in my opinion, she’s doing it well.

It’s unfortunate that there’s so many people who seem to have a hard time accepting Frida’s direction for Gucci, constantly ruling out her collections as garbage, trash or, as one forum poster said, "all of this is crap."

I can’t take it personal against those people though.

Tom Ford certainly did wonders for Gucci. He had a very strong vision. He made sure the Gucci woman looked a certain way — super thin, super slick, drop dead sexy — and KEPT IT THAT WAY. She’s a creature of the night, never without a cigarette and a drink in tow. She’s always in sky-high heels, always, always with raccoon eyes.

The Tom Ford Gucci woman definitely was fierce and looked hot. She was the woman all the boys want to have sex with AND she’s also the woman other women are envious of secretly fantasized about.

But did Tom Ford offered variety?

Where is the Gucci woman come lunchtime when half of the world is awake?

Other than Carine Roitfeld, Hollywood celebrities, stylists and the rest of the fash pack who loved Tom Ford’s sex, sex, sexy look, think about the Gucci woman who wants a Gucci look without looking like a 30-something year old well-dressed nymphomaniac.

When Tom Ford went away, Alessandra tried to emulate the old master and look at what happened?

Cue Frida Giannini and the Gucci woman experienced flowers. Flowers NOT made out of swarovski crystals, beads or feathers ala Tom Ford’s psychedelic hippie collection but REAL flowers.

Maybe it’s time for the Gucci woman to enjoy the daylight, away from velvet, satin and anything ruched? Maybe it’s time for her to smell flowers, walk around the park, go to a cafe with friends and enjoy something other than green olives in a toothpick and vodka?

I don’t think the old Gucci woman is gone, not at all. She’s still there but she’s just beginning to enjoy rediscovering life more.

I say give Frida more time. Her collections may not be scrotum-busting, ripe for fashion editorial as Tom’s but she’s a retail hit to the people who buy into the Gucci brand. When you think about it, the old Gucci sold a larger-than-life image that was extremely overhyped, thanks to sex-and-multi-million dollar fuelled ad campaigns that Tom Ford created. The new Gucci is a retail hit because many people can actually wear things and find a lot of the pieces sensible and practical.

Even Donatella Versace cleaned up her act for fall 2007/8.

I bet you my fat arse Miss Universe 2007 (Miss Japan) won because of the Gucci gown. Hah! ;)

Enough verbal diarrhea.

This black and white print (with a touch of colour) is soo gorgeous. Even though it somewhat reminds of the Vuitton Sprouse leopard from last year, I think the dress is going to be a reality hit.

I love this look. I really do.

The leather jackets are oh so fucking divine! Frida loves her prints alright but personally, I’m not too keen on the coral prints.

Some of the silhouettes are very, very New York, very very Oscar de la Renta and some of the looks remind me of Spring/Summer 2006 Chanel. I think it’s the driving gloves and the white shoes.

Ohhh soo chic! The first one totally scream "THE SARTORIALIST", no?

I think most of the looks are nice.

This is my least favourite piece from the collection. I know, I know, coming from me it’s crazy but come on. That icky red Gucci logo… can it get any bigger? Bleugh! Sasha, btw, needs some sleep.

Nice to see Natasha Poly open/close the show. Love, love Natasha Poly!

Overall, this collection is nice and probably one of my favourite resort collections so far. It’s refreshing and pretty. Some of the pieces are destined to become wardrobe favourites for a long time.

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  1. Bryan, I think you’re totally right with your opinions in this entry. The new collection does seem much much more versatile, but I do miss Tom Ford’s edgy sexy dark vibes. Everything’s a tradeoff I guess. We’ll see how Frida does with time…

  2. By the way, forgot to say… I actually really like the green cropper top! Logo-a-gogo yes but it looks so… fresh! lol

  3. Giorgio

    totally love frida! it was time for a change…
    this is sophisticated, chic, a bit retro, but very fresh and elegant!

  4. Hi boo boo…I couldn’t agree with you more gurl. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see new things, new ideas, new new NEW. Not only can the Gucci women go to lunch, dinner and special events, but take the trash out and be the envy of the old hags in the neighborhood…Watever. I seconnd the motion. Love Tom, would have his babies, but I’m so loving Frida as well. Kisses batch!

  5. When you think about Gucci, you think about sex and power. Frida’s designs are a little expired. The woman she designs for looking for something to wear to a drive-in movie and some small ice cream shop. Gingham dresses and ridiculous t-shirts with coral are not SEXY. These outfits look like Demi Moore’s castoffs from 15 years ago. This is not the Gucci in my world. I want Tom Ford back and ready to save the world.

  6. fashionista

    personally, i’m ot fond of her silhouettes…everyone has a preconcieved notion of the Gucci woman, sexy, sleek, nocturnal – even if she happens to venture out in daylight she won’t be caught dead wearing that coral skirt or that garish green jacket, and don’t even get me started on that de la renta rip-off striped off-the-shoulder cocktail dress…ughhh
    tom ford is cuh-ringing…i’m cringing myself…

  7. im sorry but frida is DIRECTIONLESS.
    i cringe looking at that logo. and the bags!!!! the horror. just fucking lame.
    frida, please. i cant find anythign innovately lustful. ugh.
    the black mens jacket is th only thing that stands out.
    im sorry. im not a tom ford fan, frida is just bad. i guess bad for gucci.
    FOR NOW. im hoping she doesnt end up like donatella who screwed up giannis collection!

  8. I would like to begin by saying that I WAS a big Gucci fan (my mom bought me my first Gucci shoes when I was 12, was hooked, and bought from Gucci til Tom Ford quit), so my ideas might be a little biased.
    As BB would say, whatevs. I do admit that what the Tom Ford Gucci vision sold, but the bottom line is that he made BEAUTIFUL stuff. He did make a strong definition of who the Gucci woman was, and a lot of people wanted to be that woman, but people saw that it was what FASHION WAS.
    Come Frida. Frida has a beautiful vision. I do agree with what Frida said that sometimes, Tom Ford’s vision was quite vulgar (remember the pubic hair ad of 2003?) and she vowed to make the Gucci world a happier, lighter place. Good idea, bad execution.
    Maybe BB’s right that we should let Frida get into the groove of things and improve her direction. Only time would tell if that will ever happen. Until then, I guess my hard earned cash won’t be making their registers ring anytime soon.

  9. very chic and truly inspiring. if i were a girl, i totally would’ve dressed like this!

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