Fuck this shit.

Written By bryanboy

Fuck this shit.

I give up. I’m sooo hooked in this YouTube thing and I wanna make a proper proper hi/hello message but we all know I’m the least articulate son of a bitch in this planet (that’s why showbiz isn’t my thing). I originally thought it was gonna be easy but man, it’s sooo difficult! Before you bitch at me, why don’t YOU give it a shot yourself and tell me if this shit is easy. It’s NOT! I found myself tongue-tied often and I just simply didn’t know what to say. So much for spontaneity. Whatevs. All of my attempts are crap so what the heck, why not post them all? Go right ahead and have a good laugh on my stupidity expense.

Good thing my lip gloss saved me. Chanel baby Chanel. Click click click!


  1. jo Kiss

    Dude, this video thing is not working for me , keep blogging…
    However give it one last chance and try talking about something you and I really love and like to talk about CHANEL.
    Bet you won t get tongue tied .

  2. haha! that was the funniest. but hey, atleast u tried and u looked great.. wit the lip gloss, thin arms, and all. is it just me or do u look a lil bit like paris hilton in those videos?
    oh well, i still love u!

  3. Laura

    HAHA I love the last one……HI IM BRYAN…oh fuck this.
    p.s. I’m proud, I fit into your weight perfection standard haha

  4. Those were good. I liked em.
    You should talk about something that happend to you recently. Funny or shocking,,,some story that you would want to hear someone else tell.
    Or pick something that you feel stronly about and why.
    Talk about Fashion Icons or what you think influences Fashion.
    Who are your thinsperations besides the obvious well-known ones?
    Who do you hate and why?
    What are the reactions you get regarding the clothes you wear?
    How do you pick up guys? What are your sex rules? Talk about SEX! LOL
    I hope you do this, I will check back. If you want more ideas let me know.

  5. Merry

    Bryan, those were hysterical. The last one was great, good job! My questions: What should a 5’2 woman weigh? I’m 93 lbs right now, but I think I should drop a few more. You’re 5’9, right? And you want to weigh so little. How confusing! Also, what are your favorite makeup items?

  6. you’re so pretty.
    where the fuck can I get that lipgloss!??!!?! I live in Oklahoma in like fucking timbuktu and I have no idea where I can buy Chanel..maybe the internet?? IDK.

  7. HAHAHA! Bryan I did the same thing last week, was trying to make a profile vid for some site and I ended up with something just like the last vid. Love it!

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