Written By bryanboy

Free Paris!

Oh for god’s sake I’m turning into a webcam whore!

I’m telling y’all, it won’t be long until I wave my ________ in front of the camera. Click click click!

Valtrex, anyone?

In full technicolor.

I need a tan.

Who’s the bitch now, Natalie Reid?

Oink oink!


  1. angio

    you must have done something to your nose which used to occupy a quarter of your face

  2. Leslie

    that’s hawt!

  3. lisalisa aka Zoe

    OMG! i can NOT stop staring at ur nose, tell me why is that?? seriously BB, i think u may suffer from body dysmorphia, just a bit…ha ha, no seriously its a serious disease and u might end up lookin like sum fake plastified freak if u dont get help, i’m worried! my advice is to step away from the mirror and perhaps start helpin out the maid around the house to get ur mind off things…get more involved with HER life!

  4. You need yourself some fake blue contacts like she wears.
    I can’t decide which is funnier, hers or yours.
    Extra points!!! for the nose.

  5. natzie

    so what about his nose. leave it like that.
    anywoo, yet another masterpiece!

  6. fucking hilarious..or as Paris would say “that’s hot.”

  7. ambiex

    jeez bryanboy. i swear ur getting me hooked. love the fotos.

  8. That nasty Natalie Reid looks like grossly overweight kelly osbourne, BB, you go girl

  9. Bryan, those pics are hot!! Are you trying to look like Paris? Your new nose and lips looks like Paris’…what’s up with that hot mama? *wink love you and your site always!

  10. allergei

    hey did bryanboy have his nose done or is it just photoshop?

  11. sasha

    OMG i cannot believe u r trying to make yourself look like Paris Hilton’s MUG SHOT. Just before she enters the big house!!! She decided to do her hair and make up all pretty and nice but it can’t distract from the fact that she’s now a fucking convicted criminal!!! And u r trying to emulate her??!! What the fuck?! 40 photos BB? Far out you have outdone yourself baby!!!

  12. phoebe

    ohmygod kamukha mo talaga!!!!!!!
    actually mas maganda ka pa nga eh!!!

  13. If I remember right, BB really had his nose done recently…I read this somewhere.

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