Feedback Sought: Ballerina Anti-Obesity Pills

Written By bryanboy

Feedback Sought: Ballerina Anti-Obesity Pills

You know how it goes on the net. One thing leads to another and another and another and another and another. That’s what happened to me. I was reading something about vintage shift dresses (don’t ask why) and my browser somewhat led me to diet pills. I know I quit my pill-popping habit a long time ago. In fact, the only thing I take these days are vitamin c. I also quit the infamous Anne Slowey diet a few months back because I don’t have the discipline. I don’t even take benzos or anti-anxiety pills of any kind considering last year, my daily nutritional intake primarily consisted of xanax, clonazepam and vodka tonic. Well… guess what I found earlier today: Ballerina Anti-Obesity diet pills. Yep, I found it on some online Filipino discussion forum and EVERYONE there was raving about it.

Ballerina diet pills

I brought this up over lunch just a few minutes ago with the familia de horreur and my sister told me it’s super effective. In fact, some of her friends even use it and they lost a lot of weight. One of our common friends went from 114 pounds (she’s 5’5) and she dropped to 90. Is that miraculous or what? My sister has a few packets left at her apartment and she’s gonna send some my way. She even lost 5 pounds in a week. OMG!

PS. I’m just curious, that’s all so don’t dig beyond the surface. Afterall, I’m supposed to be gaining weight…


  1. ive tried one of those chinese herbal tea and it works like magic… altho im not too sure what kind of carcinogens are in them.. so … be careful…you might end up with cervical cancer!

  2. Oh my gawd. I wanna try taking these pills, too. But I’m not sure if it will conflict with the antidepressants I’m taking at present. But I seriously need to lose weight and I’m just too lazy to do anything else. I’m 5’3″ and 125lbs. You are way taller and lighter than me. WTF!!!

  3. hey brian! yeah it’s very effective. i took it for 2 months and thats how i lost weight. but zheng de zhou is more effective. it’s a cheaper version of reductil wit minimal side effects.=) anywayz, im just sharin.. i know ur tryin to gain a few pounds. good luck wi that! and you really lok like paris hilton in ur videos!

  4. lisalisa

    your sister : the enabler, i hate her! if she really does send sum of those nasty pills your way then i know what u mean when u talk about ‘familia de horreur’ haha…btw, can u do more video blogs and talk about fashion, grand tour of your closet or the stores u shop at, your beauty routine, etc….

  5. I’ve tried ballerina before back when i was in high school. I did loose a bit of weight and it didn’t have any side effects on me… maybe because I still ate three meals a day and that i had the right amount of exercise because i was a dancer for my school back then. Anyway, be careful in using it though. Lately, I heard that a lot of people got really sick because of that tablet so if you’re planning on trying it, really think about it. We don’t want our very own country’s pride to die early so be careful. :D i tried the stick-the-toothbrush-to-my-throat when i started college and i lost a lot of weight but i swore that it will be my first and last because i found it traumatizing so yeah. Good Luck! :D

  6. hello! was taking ballerina pills in really effective? i wud love to try it so please give me your feedback. thanks!

  7. rachel

    have you gotten a hold of the pills yet? how much do they cost in the phils or in the US, if they sell them here?

  8. hey currently using ballerina pills for two weeks now. i got it for P150.00 per 20 capsules..according to the instruction, u hav 2 take it for 2-3days and drink lots of water and eat loads of fruits and veggies. i think it’s really working. and it has minimal side effects (i cnt sleep). it suppresses your appetite and u dnt get hungry that much.

  9. where did u buy ur ballerina? ive tried it before and it was effective but the store where i got my first few box do not sell them anymore so i bought from stores where i see them displayed but the pills and the packaging were different. and theyre not as effective as the ones i bought… tried buyng fr online sellers but i also got the not-so-authentic ones.. =(

  10. i have been using ballerina diet pills for more than a year now. i am 5feet and used to weigh 174 lbs. i have lost 63pounds since using it. so i can very well attest and am living evidence that its super effective.
    – yes, you sure can lose a lot of weight within only a week, as much as 10 lbs without exercise (never had time to do so anyway)
    – you have to take the pills 3x a day an hour before meals, and you have to eat even just a little. you wont have much appettite anyway coz thats what it does.
    – 3boxes (20capsules per box) comprise of one treatment period
    – side effects? not much coz its natural herbs, only that you cant sleep much and you get dry mounthed all the time, so its better to drink lots and lots of water and fruits, oranges are good.
    – after you got to your ideal weight, you can take one pill a day for maintainance. never ever stop taking the pills altogether but do it gradually or you will gain back the weight you took off or gain much more than you took off.
    – been buying it for a very good deal for only 135/box(20caps) at the chinese store downtown and its all original

  11. Quiggler

    I just have to say this… maybe some folks here do need to lose weight, but I am confident that many don’t. I mean who in the world needs to weigh less than 114 lbs and be older than 15 years old??????? This is not healthy. You may be thin for a time, but eventually it will catch up with you. You don’t know what these pills could be doing to you. Are they FDA approved? I doubt it. Come on guys, you don’t need to risk your life in order to be as thin as a “ballerina”.
    And for those who are making yourselves puke in order to lose weight… get help. You will die doing that. See Karen Carpenter.
    If you are overweight, then get your butt moving. Get rid of the junk food… exercise. It is that easy in most cases. Get out from in front of the computer and walk or run!!
    I am not bashing anyone. I really am trying to help. I know most of you are skinny as a rail as it is. And doing this to your body at this age… you’ll pay later. I know first hand.
    Take care!!

  12. Hi! I just want to ask, where can I buy genuine Ballerina pills? My location is mandaluyong. thanks in advance.

  13. I live in Dallas, TX and was wondering, are there any stores in the area that sell the Ballerina pills.

  14. valerie

    I took the pills 2 years ago, but it wasnt ballerina. It was named “Reducing weight easily”. They say it was more effective than ballerina and costs the same. I used it for over ayear. From 150 pounds to 120.. But when I thought I have reached my desired weight, I stopped it automatically. Now, I’m 170 pounds with the height of 5’5″. I tried loking for it here in davao, but the store where i used to buy doesnt sell those pills anymore. I saw a lot of them at some cheap chinese stores, but most of them are fake. with all those fake packaging. I really don’t know what to do.. by the way, when I was still taking those pills, i really couldn’t sleep, and experience dizzines, and mood swings.. i also looked like a walking zombie.. but I’d rather look one than gain pounds every month! pls help!!!! i want to buy ballerina but couldn’t find the original ones!!

  15. i just wanted to know would this product affect my blood pressure because i do take meds fo that

  16. VintageEve

    i wanna try this too O,o … i wanna lose weight.. is this pill available in the philippines?

  17. ladypurplelyian

    First and foremost… you guys DON’T HAVE CERVIX… okay? So yah don’t have to worry about if ur going to have it or not. What you should be thinkin’ about is how will u be able to get rid of PROSTATE CANCER… to all the women… you won’t get PROSTATE CANCER coz again… you got no PROSTATE GLAND.

  18. smoothy_smudge

    of coarse not!!!!
    guys dont have cervix!!!!
    silly question!!!
    at least you’ve tried

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