Fast Forward Friday

Written By bryanboy

Fast Forward Friday

Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Someone had to get out of her rut and that someone is me. It’s Friday and I had shitload of errands to do. The familia de horreur is going on holiday tomorrow morning. I didn’t want to join them because I’m feeling sick/feverish and I need to finish a couple of projects while they’re gone. I’m gonna be all alone (they’re taking the help with em) so I’m gonna spend the next few days at a friend’s pad while they’re gone. Enough crap. Let’s play pictionary!

You know, I used a different camera today and I’m very disappointed with the quality and the color of the pictures. I think I need to toy around with the settings blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda. I have zero patience when it comes to fiddling around with gadgets so I’ll probably switch back to my old camera.

Click click click!

BTW, yeah, I shaved my face earlier.

What the hell was I thinking?



Facial hair?

Bitch please.

Those pills, I’m telling you… I think this is what happens when you have Karl Lagerfeld’s boy toy, Brad Kroenig (i hope he’s a grower… NSFW), as your desktop wallaper. Isn’t he like the boyfriend you never had? I like guys like him. We all know I’m not really a big fan of drop dead gorgeous guys or you know, muscled frat boys. Eeeew.

Anyway. Moving on…

Here’s Faggotry in Motion #015…

My hair is sooo long!!!! I think I’m going back to the salon again in a few days to change colors/highlights. Who know, perhaps this time I’ll get a haircut. Yes? No? Grow it even longer? What?

I had to run a few errands, bought some odd bits here and there, went to the bank, paid a few bills, etc.

I also went to a quick business meeting. I have a feeling the people I met read my blog religiously *wink wink* because our meeting was swift and productive. Y’all know where I stand when it comes to "meetings" in the third world hahaha!

I had some spare time left so I thought I’d pop by at the post office to check my mail. I’m waiting for a few packages because I bought a few things online.

Here’s a little candid shot. The cringe on my face is priceless. Que horror!

I had to pay some fees to the package lady and she was all like..

(diyos mio, nakita kita sa tv! grabe ka sister, ikaw ba yung sikat sa internet?)
"oh my god, I saw you on TV! are you the one famous on the internet?"

(ngek, hindi po ako yun!)
"um, no, it wasn’t me!"

(niloloko mo pa ako, ikaw yun nakita ko! diba mahilig ka magoutfit tapos lahat ng pinupuntahan mo kinukuhaan mo ng picture? *hoy __, tignan mo napanoon ko siya sa tv sobrang sikat nito* artista ka ba?)

"that’s you, silly! you’re the one who likes to dress up and take photos wherever you go?"
*motions for her colleague* "hey ___, look at this guy, i saw him on tv."
"are you an artist/actor?"

(gaga, hindi po ako artista, promise! hahaha)
"nooooo, i’m not an actor, promise! hahaha!"

A few more photos…

I also saw this Oriental/Chinese temple lookie-a-likey whatever thing. I have no idea why it’s there so I thought, what the heck, pictionary!

And there you have it. I have a few more pics to share and I’ll post it in a bit. I gotta poo!!!!

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I love you all!


  1. Giorgio

    i love your hair bryan !! it looks so rebellious when it’s messed up in the first pix :) cool, i say ;) but i think you could use a bit of trimming, maybe have your bangs shortened.

  2. hey i like you with long hair.. more gorgeous.. i think live it like that will be better. Anyway, add abit more protein to compliment it though.. ;-)
    Bye bitch

  3. Lisa in FL

    You pull off the long hair very well, it looks good on you!! And I love your outfit in these pics, just gorgeous!!

  4. I think your hair looks fabulous and you should keep it! It especially looks fab the 5th picture down from Brad with your hair flowing in the wind. You should style it like that you look gorgeous!

  5. jelena

    i know this is going to kill you but, you lok fatter in this jeans.

  6. Color, highlight, whatever..just DON’T cut it, let it grow!! You were made to have have long hair with your facial structure and body type!! Awesome outfit, btw!

  7. jemelee anne

    you kinda reminded me of austin scarlet of project runway season 1.. is it because of the hair?

  8. Ur FAB bitch!! let the hair grow longer!!
    ur looking better these days..what’s the secret????

  9. Mariko

    That’s not Oriental. You took that picture in front of the Indonesian Embassy. If you’ve been to Bali, that’s the entrance to a Hindu temple.

  10. ambiex

    BB, i swear, you are taking over the world. see, even the ordinary man on the street, or in this case, woman in the post office know you now. gaaad… i love to be you.

  11. olander badaso 4rm ph

    You look healthy. And I think that’s the most important thing

  12. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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