Chanel: Runway to reality?

Written By bryanboy

Chanel: Runway to reality?

Here’s something for shits and giggles. Never mind the sheer amount of money I’ve spent over the years at the house that Coco built. The Chanel people are so gonna disown me for doing this but some of us can’t wait until December.

OK Fine. Irina looks much much better because she’s colour coordinated. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven. I mean hello… I love Chanel for god’s sake! Click here to watch Chanel’s 2008 Cruise Collection.


  1. I actually think you wore it better than Irina – love the red necklace & white boots with the outfit… I say you scored that point

  2. Florian

    Lovely just lovely. I love your boots bryan. I would rape myself just to get Chanel products, or better yet, go to prostitution haha.
    Chanel FTW <3333

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